Childhood and memories

The Things We Leave Behind


My childish rendition of a sunset.

In response to today’s Discover – Things we leave behind challenge, I have used  a picture of something I used to do a lot as a kid, but stopped many years ago. Paint. Only virtually though haha. I would sit for hours at the computer and make what I thought were visual masterpieces of scenery. I remember one particular occasion where I made a scenery very similar to this one and I accidentally forgot to save it. I cried for a long time despite being consoled about how I would never make such a beautiful piece on Paint again.

To think back, losing things, memories, people, pieces of things that remind me of something still remain one of my weakness. Because once lost, they never come back the same.

I at the same time feel regret for the things I always wanted to learn when I grow up – graphic designing, for instance. I never got around to doing it. As a kid I used to design clothes (in a child’s drawing) but remarkable designs so I’m told, and from a very very young age too. I stopped doing it years ago.

One thing I feel a pang of regret for is the feeling of thinking you can conquer the world when you grow up only to realize differently once do.




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