Living in Duality

A girl sits by the seaside,

Adding to the saltiness of the sea

Drop by drop.

Contemplating broken dreams and lost hope.

A photographer, with his lenses in position

Captures a picturesque shot.

In the viewer’s perception of beauty,

Sorrow somewhere got lost. 

Both of them living their truth,

One sees beauty, one dwells in sorrows at that moment,

Each living their own version of the truth

Oblivious, to the other’s perception of reality,

Together, they coexist in this indifferent duality.


© Sneha P [ Rights Reserved ]





The garden near the graveyard


The cherry blossoms bloomed dutifully,
In the garden that stood opposite the graveyard, so beautifully.
The pretty pebbled road to the garden gate
Meandered slowly to the place where people met their ultimate fate.
The cool wind that solemnly blew the dust from the top of the graves,
Blew the hair of little children playing, to blissful ignorance, they were slaves.
The dirt where the fallen men lay peacefully,
Was just 50 steps way from where young men jogged hastily.
Farcically trying to prolong their days,
Calmly ignoring the inevitable long night that lay.
Whispered promises of undying love in the grass,
Lay there on the other side rotting as carcass.
People buried little seeds, planting saplings in the mud, a sign of renewal
While some buried bodies, and called life cruel.
The sun sets poetically on one corner of the garden of eternal rest,
While the people return home, renewed with a new zest.
I marvel at their willful ignorance and optimism
Their desire to hold on
Even though before their eyes
Lies the fact that all will be lost.

Happy Diwali to all of my readers!

As I write this post I am practically running around the house with my laptop since there’s so much to do! However, I cannot miss this opportunity to wish my readers 🙂

For those who are unaware, Diwali is a festival of lights celebrated in India. Whereby we celebrate the victory of good over evil and welcome health, wealth and prosperity into our homes by cleaning our houses, lighting oil lamps are decorating our house with pretty lights. Tomorrow marks the new year for some in India.

the description I just gave isn’t a cohesive one, there’s so much that I want to write…soon!!

For now, Happy Diwali once again.


My fragile heart


Like I crumpled rose,

my heart lies bleeding.

I flinch at your cruelty,

I flinch at my ignorance.

I should’ve left when

I did not think of you as vile.

For I told you my heart is fragile

but you didn’t care,

as my tears dropped in front of you,

like fallen raindrops on a window sill

the ones no one cares about.

But what am I to do?

For my fragile heart, still belongs to you.



© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

Weekend musings

The way people treat you is a reflection of their inner self and character, not yours.

You may choose to be a good person, a kind friend, an empathetic listener, that doesn’t mean your kindness will be reciprocated. That is merely your choice. The choices that you make may let you sleep at night in peace knowing you are doing good or prick your heart like a little thorn knowing you are in the wrong.

You may be the shoulder to cry on for people in your life that doesn’t mean when you need one there will be people around to be that for you.

The people who you may travel across the oceans for will not necessarily cross a street to be there for you when you need them. Sometimes even if you give someone all your patience, love and support they can still choose to be indifferent or even impudent towards you. That is their choice.

Don’t break your heart just because someone else doesn’t have one. 

Don’t fall from grace just because someone else chooses to do so.

Don’t stop being kind just because someone doesn’t appreciate it. Someone might, someday.

Don’t stop being you just because someone else can’t handle your magnificence. 

Don’t stop shining just because someone tries to dim your light.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

Make up your mind

You may decide to stay or leave,

I shall cherish your decision or grieve.

But make up your mind,

For my heart is in a bind.

Don’t say I broke your trust,

when you never gave me a chance first.

Don’t love me one second,

and then hate me the other

Maybe we aren’t meant to be together.

Don’t drag me into your emotional mess,

Maybe you and I, together, don’t make sense.



© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

A question


I search for the question, the right question

A question that has become my obsession.

To ask and seek, the answer to this mess,

A question to truly express.

The heart-wrenching pain,

the prayers in vain.

The tears on my cheeks,

Why am I so weak?

The sense of this chaos,

The reason behind my loss.

Why  can’t I be happy,

A question, that’s all I fancy.

To give me a glimmer of hope,

To comprehend this enigma,

That is out of my scope.

To know why I suffer,

Will it ever be over?

A question to ask that will solve my trouble,

pull me up from this messy rubble.

A question I can’t get,

For it is complicated to frame,

Even if I get it,

it will all be the same.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]