If you just close your eyes,

And feel, nothing at all.

feel yourself, taking the fall.

The sound of silence, rings

You welcome a new spring.

When something threatens

To affect your peace,

You just say “Oh”

And move on, with grace.

Pain disappears.

When you see something

That would’ve burnt your heart

And you just shrug

And go back to your life

You can never be hurt.

For someone once rightly said

The opposite of love isn’t hate,

It’s indifference.

Hotel Paintings

Hotel Paintings

Do you ever feel like

Paintings in a standard hotel room?

Or those in office corridors

Unnoticeable. Untouched. Unmemorable.

Like a prop in the background

Watching, as the show goes on.

Observing, but never interjecting

Existing, but in your own bubble.

Hundreds of eyes glance over

These abstract pieces of art

But they are forgotten

The very next second.

Do you ever feel like

Paintings in a standard hotel room?

Like an average lover,

Like a hastily prepared meal

Consumed in the moment,

forgotten the next.

Do you ever feel like

A forgettable song

That you hear to fill the silence

But it never stays with you

For it never really entered your heart

Just your ears.

It never made an impact.

Do you ever feel

If you were to disappear

It wouldn’t really matter

For you never really existed

To begin with.

Not for everyone.

Maybe not for anyone.

(C) Sneha Pathak

Hold on

Hold on

In the middle of gloomy evenings

Search for the glimmer of hope

Something, anything even a twig if not a rope.

For a warm phone call to a friend

Either with new ones or to make old amends.

For a cup of hot chocolate and comfort food

Or burning fireplace and wood.

Search for a meaning, make the search intensive

Even when it seems evasive.

It may be a rainy evening today, or tomorrow

Doesn’t mean sunshine won’t follow.

So hold on, for the person in the mirror,

Hold on for them, no one can be dearer.



In the cold winter evenings

As the snow covers the city below

You sit with a cup, by the window.

Humming, thinking, weeping

Another day of screaming matches on the phone,

Your love now feels like a battle zone.

Tired, drained and weak, mentally

You tell them its over, finally.

But you know it’s a lie, just like before,

You try hard, but you can’t close that door.

For you can’t imagine being without them,

The memories are too many to count.

The smiles, the hugs, the kisses – all so nice.

What you also can’t forget

Are the deception and the lies.

The promise of peace, followed by war

The promise of care, followed by scars.

But without them, you will be alone,

And that territory, is quite unknown.

The castle of solitude is haunted

by the demon of depression

But being with them,

Now feels like oppression.

You pray at night, for a better love,

One that fits you like a glove.

You dream of a love, tender and kind,

You dream of a time, where tears are left behind.

But you wake up in the morning,

Tormented by the lonely night,

You call them and apologize,

Hoping one day, this love will feel alright.

But you know you are chasing a false fairytale,

You live in a reality, where your love is bound to fail.

So you chase a better life in your dreams,

Yet you stick to the one, that is tearing you at the seams.

(c) Sneha Pathak

A tale of desire

A tale of desire

A tale of love

And a tale of woe

A tale of the sea and the sky above

Destined to fall in love

Yet, cursed to be apart

The sea urged the moon

To help her waves reach high

Every fifteen days, the moon and the sea tried.

But alas, the waves twisted and turned in pain

The sky watched on from above in vain.

They sang softly to each other at night,

When the world was asleep, and no one was in sight.

For during the day,

They envied the lovers who lay in the grass

Holding hands and admiring the sky

And even those who played by the sea

For their love was easy, carefree.

The wind whispered the tale of the sky and sea to the sun

Who listened with interest and smiled when done.

The tale of the lovers melted his heart, and so he decided, to play his part.

The sun light shining bright, fell upon the sea,

The water began to evaporate and inches higher towards the sky

The sea, elated with joy, let out a cry.

The vapor began to form clouds

That touched the sky’s thirsty lips

A sense of serenity washed over

Time stood still.

The sky, overflowing with joy, began to shed tears

These tears flowed down as rain

Washing away, the lovers pain.

The thirst of the sea was quenched

The two lovers watching on the shore,

They were left drenched.

As they kissed passionately to express their love

The sea below and the sky smiled from above.

(C) Sneha Pathak



You look at the reflection in the mirror,

You see a familiar looking stranger.

Eyes swollen, face red, tear stained cheeks

From whom, depression and heartbreak, reek.

You stare at the reflection and wonder

How did you land up here?

How did you become your worst fear?

How did you lose control of your very being

How did you let someone get close enough to sting.

You spend the night wondering,

Cursing, crying, consoling.

Chaotic, crazy and constraining.

This can’t be love you mutter

This can’t be love you stutter.

You fall asleep clutching your arms

You fall asleep missing their warmth.

Fall asleep tonight, and put that stranger to sleep

So you can wake up tomorrow with a resolve to keep.

A resolve to never let someone close,

As you breathe in, breathe out, time froze.

You utter the words

“I’ll be fine.”

You don’t mean it now,

But one day, you will.

One day, you will be fine.

One day, you will forget that night,

One day, you will find a love that doesn’t require a fight.

One day, life will be full of peace and light.

For now, wake up the fire within you,


(c) Sneha Pathak

You come home to an empty apartment

You come home to an empty apartment

You come home to an empty apartment
Your exasperation fills the rooms
Like a dark poisonous vapor, that makes it difficult to breathe
You come home to an empty apartment
The vibration of your phone, feels stronger than your pulse
An invitation pops up on the screen
How do I say no, without sounding mean?
You want them to remember you,
You want to be seen,
You want to be heard
You want to be in the crowd,
But their voices are too loud
You want to ask for help
But you’re just too proud.
You come home to an empty apartment
The walls seem to be closing in
Your mind starts its tricks, like every day
Making you wonder, do they really laugh at you
when you are away?
You come home to an empty apartment
You brew a cup of tea
You dwell on the day’s fatigue
Some times, the inertia weighs you down
Like a boulder on top of your chest
Some days you just lose all interest
You come home to an empty apartment
You stumble upon a song on your playlist
A song about youth, summer and love
Of sunshine, rains and blessings from above
You wander through the house humming along
You pick up your blue polka dot dress
With your fingers you softly caress
Filled with the plans of tomorrow
And maybe a desire to see the sun and the shore,
The apartment doesn’t feel empty anymore.

(c) Sneha Pathak

My truth

My truth

Lips moving, trembling, stretching,

Some sound made, some noise, some ripple

You don’t care.

You don’t care what they say.

You stand by your beliefs, come what may.

Like a stone, set in its place

Unable to budge, unable to change

You stay, you stay in one place.




For you live in a cocoon, created by your opinions

Believing you are right, you belittle millions.

You go about your life with preset notions

You ignore opposing views, as distracting commotion.

So you live in a bubble and go on wtih your life,

Someday, when you are older, you will see, you weren’t always right.



What are you right now?

But, Memories. A pot full of memories.

Like the wind carries the aroma of the daffodils,

You carry the aroma of all the places you have been.

That little scar on your knee

that tells the story of the time you fell down the stairs.

Rainy days and the smell of petrichor

that remind you of little puddles and paper boats.

The smell of old books,

that reminds you of grandfather’s books.

The song in the cafe,

that reminds you of your first crush.

Those flowery short

that remind you of summer evenings at the beach.

That smell of cigarettes

that remind you of his kiss.

That sun flower wall paper that popped on your screen,

reminds you of the ones you you saw when you were sixteen.

The smell of the strangers perfume in the elevator

reminds you of the kind your dad used to wear.

The way you braid your daughter’s hair,

reminds you of the way your mother tied yours.

The stranger on the train

reminds you of your childhood best friend’s face.

The old song that plays on Spotify

reminds you of the ringtone on your first phone.

You are a sum of all your memories

Each stimulus, triggering your mind

Playing with your heart’s strings, of the days you left behind.