Caught in a web of illusion

What is the difference between you and I?

You smile for pictures, and I, at passerbys.

You swipe through filters finding the perfect one, ah the pain.

I enjoy the dusk sky, sepia like your filters, sitting by the window pane.

You seek picturesque spots for your latest #weekend posts,

Small book cafes, with 4 chairs, chai and poetry is where you will find me the most.

You flaunt your latest dress and await comments and praises,

I share it with my loved ones, and soak in the warmth of joy on their faces.

Your snaps may last for 10 seconds and then poof, they’ll vanish,

My memories will last forever, in my heart they’ll flourish.

Your vacation was spent looking for perfect angles for pictures each,

I spent mine listening to waves on the beach.

Your thoughts are limited by 140 characters

Mine flow like a river, as I spill my heart out on a paper.

Your conversations are restricted to pleasantries,

My midnight chats hover around life, love and poetry.

Your joy is out there for the world to see, but sorrow is confined to your heart

For in your friend list of 1000, to find a real friend, where do you start?

People may shower you with their likes,

Will they show up when you walk through life’s spikes?

You get entangled in this web of trying to live for the netizens,

While I, seek ideas and people that broaden my horizons.

(C) Sneha Pathak


A rainy evening

Slow soft drizzle of first showers,

As the water slides down the towers.

Kids on the street rejoice in rain,

For some, the raindrops help hide the tears of pain.

A couple walks hand in hand, recreating a romantic scene

Someone sits by the window, wondering what could have been.

Some enjoy the fresh smell of petrichor

Some sigh and worry how this will hamper their chores.

Some go for a drive to feel the wind on their face

Some push through crowded platforms, with an umbrella that has seen better days.

Some enjoy the lighting as the skies get dark

Others wonder, next day how to get to work?

Indifferent to them all, the raindrops continue to fall

For nature doesn’t distinguish amongst them all.

(C) Sneha Pathak

Oceans apart

Tapping rains on window sill

As I lay there still.

Listening to the rhythmic tap

As the summer sun gleams on other side of the map.

We try to defy time and sleep

We laugh, we ponder, we bicker, we weep.

Different skies, oceans apart

But with you, my heart did depart.

So we carve a space for us two,

Somewhere between where nights end and days start anew.

I leave this verse just at these few lines,

And I fall asleep thinking of golden times.

(C) sneha pathak

Sound of silence

He woke up at 2 am

Exhausted from his attempt to sleep,

From one thought to the next, his mind did leap.

Dragging himself out of bed,

He popped one of his meds.

Poured some water,

It splash against the glass

Making the silence shatter.

The ticking clock’s cruel taunt

The emptiness of the house, began to haunt.

Looked out the window to see all apartments with switched off lights,

Apparently the world wasn’t a part of a similar fight.

He sat there on the table, smoking a cigarette

His tears, making his face wet.

Slowly he got up and went to bed,

And just lay there and waited.

Next morning, he went to a work event and was the life of the party,

Had a laugh or two, and it was almost hearty.

Only in his heart he knew the melancholy night was near

And that, filled his heart will fear.

(C) Sneha P 2018


Like the little pink flower plants

Growing on the side of a dusty road

Surrounded by dirt and filth

Overlooked, but refusing to be floored.

Surrounded by gravel, they still


Like the little girl that is growing up

In a society of crime and horrors

But refuses to stick in a corner.

Pushing hard everyday to excel, what does she do?


Like the mother exhausted from a days labour

Struggling for ever morsel of food, devoid of relaxation

But still supports her son’s education.

Her courage is what makes her,


Everyday that you feel like you can’t get up and about

Shun away the darkness of doubt

Use your spirit as a candle.


(C) 2018 Sneha Pathak

Futile search

I search I search 

For pieces of me that I’ve left 

In places and people that brought me no good

Where promises of love were only falsehood.

I search I search

For the girl who believed in fairy tales

Who saw the good in people, to no avail. 

I search I search 

For the goodness of her heart 

However, for her sanity to remain, her humanity had to depart.

I search I search 

For her share of love, 

Little did I know, love wasn’t written in her destiny, by the Gods above. 

(C) Sneha P [Rights Reserved] 

Some days I wonder 


Some days I wonder what we had, is it lost?

Did you and I ever have a shot? 

Some days I can’t forget your smile 

Some days I wonder if you remember mine?

Some days I miss our songs 

Some days I wonder, am I in the wrong?

For you never said you were mine

And I thought that was just fine. 

But on nights when I look at the stars

I cant help but wonder 

If what we had was real 

Or an illusion of love, something artificial? 

(C) Sneha P [ rights reserved]