Hello there readers! This weekend, for today’s Daily prompt,I’ve decided to write micro fiction again. Drop a comment to let me know how you liked it 🙂

  1. The King declared that the punishment for the Man for stealing from the Royal Palace was death.  The subjects wondered, what was the punishment for stealing from the masses for years? Who decides that?
  2. Ma said that if I behaved like a good boy,she will always love me and protect me. I must’ve not been one, because she hasn’t returned home since years. Maybe it is to punish me for being a horrible child.
  3. He knew she would never love him back and the punishment for love was heartbreak, but the punishment for silence was the risk of her never finding out what she meant to him,what an amazing person she was. Heartbreak it is, he decided.
  4. “I shall pray for his soul and yours alike for both are now gone forever” the victim’s mother told the Gunman. The Gunman broke down. Sometimes, forgiveness hurts more than punishment.
  5. Struck in traffic for 2 hours, he wondered if that was his punishment for skipping 1 hour of office work

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