Something I forgot I had

Here is my take on today’s prompt: Jiggle

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Like a dusty old book,

the one you haven’t given a second look.

That has been lying in cupboard,

the one you vaguely remember reading, but can’t recollect a word.

The one you forgot you had,

but now that you see it, it makes you a little sad.

Certain emotions, I was sure I’d never again feel,

But one look into your eyes, and my heart was yours to steal.

Maybe it was the way your curls covered your forehead,

Or the fact that the book of my heart, was tired of being unread.

But one warm embrace was all it took,

for you to reopen, this dusty old book.

You came along and jiggled

the pile where lay neatly stacked away emotions.

I can’t help but go wherever my heart takes,

Knowing very well, this story too, will end in heartbreak.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]




Not just furious flames,

but a tiny spark is enough

to burn your world down.

Not just violent winds

even a soft breeze

can make you shiver.

Not just weapons,

words can tear you apart too.

Not just words,

silence can hurt your heart too.

Not just the ocean,

sorrow can drown you too.

Not just poison,

your thoughts can kill you too.

Not just the monsters under the bed,

but the ones in your head, can haunt you too.

Not just an apocalypse,

but sometimes love, is enough for destruction too.

Not just hate,

but apathy can be devastating too.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]




I cling, I cling


In this river of solitude

Where happiness continues to elude

I cling, I cling to traces of bliss

As I reminisce about a smile playing on his lips.

When someone walks by that reminds me of him,

I try to avert my gaze, I can’t let him win.

But deep down I cling, I cling to the sensations

Trying to remember the texture of his skin.

When the pain is too much to bear,

I pretend to not care

But deep down I cling, I cling,

to memories of what we used to be.



Crumpled pieces of paper

lie in the corner,

Poetry I wrote for you,

What a waste, if only I knew.

What’s worse is my crumpled heart,

Broken promises and a friendship that fell apart.

As I burnt myself in love’s destructive fire,

Consumed by pain, longing, and desire

You whiled away in your palace of apathy,

The notion that you had human emotions, was a fallacy.

The heart-wrenching pain has finally subsided

A dull ache remains, of a love unrequited.

The butterflies I got on seeing you, have finally died

Darling, finally I’ve discovered, love, will never suffice.

© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

One day that changed everything


One hundred meetings with you

didn’t matter to me once.

I was blissfully ignorant towards you.

Until one day, I began to see things anew.

One look into your hazel eyes,

And I fell in love

a love that would for a lifetime suffice.

One hug was all it took,

to put together my broken pieces

One harsh word was all it took,

To make me see you vices.

For I burnt day and night to make you realise,

it was okay to feel things, okay to embrace the sunrise.

However, I am out of fire, and your heart is still made of ice.

© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

Some days I wonder 


Some days I wonder what we had, is it lost?

Did you and I ever have a shot? 

Some days I can’t forget your smile 

Some days I wonder if you remember mine?

Some days I miss our songs 

Some days I wonder, am I in the wrong?

For you never said you were mine

And I thought that was just fine. 

But on nights when I look at the stars

I cant help but wonder 

If what we had was real 

Or an illusion of love, something artificial? 

(C) Sneha P [ rights reserved]

What I waited for


Fallen leaves, crimson sunsets,

Blank pages, now somewhat wet.

Become my companions as I wait

wait for something I can’t say what.

Something that will bring colors maybe

in this life so bleak, like the sun on a day rainy.

Something to break the monotony,

To break the eternal silence with beautiful symphony.

I wait patiently for a sudden event,

To banish away my discontent.

Until one day I realize the truth,

I have whiled away my youth,

for now I see, nothing ever happens,

nothing ever will,

for the change I waited patiently for,

was always in my hand, I needed nothing more.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]