The girl I left behind

A poem about Youth and leaving behind a part of ourselves. 


I glance at the girl I left behind,

I marvel at the things she helped me find.

I mock her naivety.

I cherish her gaiety.

I bear the weight of her choices,

Her flaws and her vices.

The friends she thought would stay forever,

The things she said she would do never.

Her dreams, her hopes, the path she took,

Her poetry, her music, her favourite book.

All I left behind,

Including her heart kind.

She looked at the world with hope and love,

I shed a tear for her heart,

looking at the skies above.

How did I lose her? When did it start?

I am the product of her design,

I am hers and she is mine.

She was just a young girl,

wanting to love and be loved by all

Isn’t that what I want too, after all?


© Sneha P [Rights reserved]