As I waited


Every passing minute

made it hard to contain

my impatience, my fear

my worry about the future near

Yes, no, maybe?

Confusion and panic left my mind hazy.

Wondering if you will come back,

Waiting, listening to your favourite soundtrack.

I wish upon the stars, the moon, and the skies

A prayer to mend our severed ties.

I pant for breath, as I await your answer,

Oblivious to everything, nothing else mattered

For in that moment,I had only passion

You were my elixir, my salvation.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

Obvious signs


When you love the songs a little more,

When you can’t help but adore.

When the sky is a little more blue,

When you look at them anew.

When everything reminds you of them

When without them, you feel glum.

When you wait for the phone to ring,

When you’re alone, you start to sing.

When in your mind they play the violins,

This is how it begins.

I am no expert,

But this might be love.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

What could have been


After decades of holding on,

Reminiscing days that are long gone.

Shedding tears over what could’ve been 

Replaying those heartwarming scenes.

of being in love with the idea of you,

I have decided to start anew.

To forget the look in your eyes,

The melancholy sound of your voice.

What your skin felt like,

What it felt like when I thought

you could be mine.

Today, I have decided to stop the loop

Stop hitting repeat.

Today, I have decided to cheat. 

Cheat on your memories,

cheat on a love that could’ve been.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]




The girl I left behind

A poem about Youth and leaving behind a part of ourselves. 


I glance at the girl I left behind,

I marvel at the things she helped me find.

I mock her naivety.

I cherish her gaiety.

I bear the weight of her choices,

Her flaws and her vices.

The friends she thought would stay forever,

The things she said she would do never.

Her dreams, her hopes, the path she took,

Her poetry, her music, her favourite book.

All I left behind,

Including her heart kind.

She looked at the world with hope and love,

I shed a tear for her heart,

looking at the skies above.

How did I lose her? When did it start?

I am the product of her design,

I am hers and she is mine.

She was just a young girl,

wanting to love and be loved by all

Isn’t that what I want too, after all?


© Sneha P [Rights reserved]



I fall, I fall,

I give it my all.

I dive deep down

Till I know I have drowned.

I fall, at first hesitatingly,

then willingly, unconditionally

in love with your electric eyes.

I don’t hold myself back,

as I stare into them, charcoal black.

Alluring, all knowing, almond shaped

Reassuring, soothing, enticing.

Did they whisper your secrets?

Can they read my regrets?

Does anyone else see the spark,

when your eyes hold mine, oh the fireworks.

You practice hypnotism, some magic,

Tell me, why are you fond of love stories tragic?

Why did you glance,

into my heart and soul,

then left me drowning

in this salty river, all alone.

Why did they decieve

Or did I misperceive?


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]




The weight I carry


I felt light-headed, delighted,

tracing the marks of your fingers and mouth,

I carry their imprints on my flesh.

I feel burdened, tired,

carrying your memories around.

The weight of your words,

so sharp and painful.

I carry their marks on my mind.

The load of your betrayal,

so devastating, so mortifying.

I carry its mark in my heart.

The intensity of your love,

burning, excruciating, calamitous

I carry it in my spirit.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

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A question


I search for the question, the right question

A question that has become my obsession.

To ask and seek, the answer to this mess,

A question to truly express.

The heart-wrenching pain,

the prayers in vain.

The tears on my cheeks,

Why am I so weak?

The sense of this chaos,

The reason behind my loss.

Why  can’t I be happy,

A question, that’s all I fancy.

To give me a glimmer of hope,

To comprehend this enigma,

That is out of my scope.

To know why I suffer,

Will it ever be over?

A question to ask that will solve my trouble,

pull me up from this messy rubble.

A question I can’t get,

For it is complicated to frame,

Even if I get it,

it will all be the same.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

A moment forever


Like the stars far far away,

For your stunning brilliance, I pray.

To hold you once, for a moment, 

To know what it’s like to not be broken.

To look into those eyes 

even a moment will suffice.

To bask in your warm glow,

With you the sands of time flow.

I stretch and jump to reach,

touch you for a moment,

To have a moment, even if it’s stolen.

And for that moment to last for an eternity,

For a moment, to float in serenity. 


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]






Her bewitching almond shaped eyes deeply set in her oval face, shine bright. Her skin, smooth and p
ale,just like a porcelain doll. My doll. My heart melts every time I look at her The way her flowing hair falls on her forehead and how she patiently brushes it aside.She has a thin frame, but she always wears clothes that are one size too big, for comfort I guess. She eats like a bird anyway, plus she’s a health freak.  Visits the gym everyday, at on particular time, goes to buy organic fruits and vegetables all the way across town, man, she is dedicated to her personal goals.

Today, she looks exasperated, grouchy perhaps. Whenever she pretends to be angry with me, I can see right through her. She can never be mad at me. We’ve been together for over a year now. Though acts like she doesn’t care about us, I know it’s all an act to get me chasing her. Women, huh.

It’s getting  a little tiring though. I mean there’s only so much a guy can do. I asked her out a year back at the park where I saw her with her friends a few times, she said no, well just to play hard to get obviously. So I followed her home, saw her house, sent her flowers, cards, chocolates you know, to get her to say yes. After that she seemed pretty pissed at me, she’s a little weird that way.Who doesn’t love grand gestures of love? Anyway, since then I know she likes me too, I can see it in her blushing smile. So I just go wherever she goes, gym, shopping, restaurants, that’s what boyfriends do right? She pretends to be mad when she sees me, but inside I know she’s loving this attention.  Who wouldn’t?

Once I confronted her about seeing another guy, it turned quite ugly. In my defense, wouldn’t you be pissed if your girlfriend started seeing somebody else all of a sudden? Long story short, she still thinks he broke up with her over a text, because she nags too much, while his corpse rots away in the bottom of the ocean. The things one does for love.

She loves drama though. Today she has filed a restraining order against me, well she knows no power in this world can separate us, so she’s just checking how resilient I am. Well, bring it on.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

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You see her walking by,

You slyly give her the eye.

Analyzing her closely,

Judging whatever she does boldly.

You think you know her story,

Her pain and her glory.

She doesn’t even glance at the crowd,

Her grace, her courage, her quirks scream out loud.

When you feel you have lifted the curtain,

remember, you’ve only scratched the surfaced.


© Sneha P [Right Reserved]

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