Someone to miss

Hello there reader! Here is my take in the form of a beautiful poem, on the Word High July challenge. Today’s prompt word being –



Someday when I sit sipping tea

on a beautiful summer evening

watching the sunset, the breeze gush

the pretty porch I rest on

The evening shall be sublime

but yet so very poignant.

For the warmth of the tea

can never replace

the warmth of your smile

the cool breeze is nothing

to the fluttering butterflies

I once sheltered in my heart

The comfort is pain

for my world shall always be half

without you my tinatangi.


Copyright © Sneha P [Rights Reserved]



7 thoughts on “Someone to miss

  1. maria says:

    Oh wow, the bliss of falling in love that not even the warmth of the a tea or the cool breeze can surpass. Sigh. I do hope the pain goes away and her world be complete again. Lovely piece, Sneha 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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