For this week’s photo challenge, Rare, I choose this picture of a picturesque stream that I happened to stumble upon while I was on a trail as a part of this Agricultural tour I took some days back.

For someone living in the city, stumbling upon a sight as pretty as this, soft green grass, contrasting against tiny pebbles and stones, a gentle lapping stream at the end of a beautiful trail, is very rare indeed. This trip was very peaceful and serene. The natural beauty was breathtaking.


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Here’s my entry for the Weekly photo challenge


Sunrise through my window.

Happened to capture this beautiful sunrise on my birthday one day (no, today isn’t my birthday)

There is something so beautiful and picturesque about sunrises and sunsets. The poet in me reasons that sunrises are beautiful because they prove that no matter how dark the night, there shall be morning again, hang in there. Sunsets are beautiful because they are symbolic of how bad or good the day was, it will end. Also the fact that endings can be beautiful too.

Fire and water


For this week’s photo challenege I’ve chosen this picture of candles floating on water in bowl decorated with flowers.I made this myself for the Indian festival of Diwali.

The picture beautifully captures the contrast of fire floating on water. Of darkness and light, much like people,  who happen to have both darkness and light inside them. It’s a matter of choice what we feed and allow to grow. 


For this week’s Door photo challenge, I chose these two pictures (since I couldn’t decide which one I liked better)

Both are excellent works of architecture I happened to stumble across in two different spiritual places.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the architecture inside is exquisite. It is one of the oldest churches in Goa and in India. Sadly, I was unaware of the great importance of this place at the time I visited and only looked at it from the curiosity and wonder of a tourist.


Enter a caption – Basilica of Bom Jesus


The Global Vipassana Pagoda has bone relics of Gautama Buddha  enshrined in the central locking stone of the dome.The  center of the Global Vipassana Pagoda contains the world’s largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars. Peaceful environment, natural beauty and serenity are main attractions at this haven, which surprisingly charges no fees for entry of visitors.


Global Pagoda


Here’s a short poem I wrote about Doors –

The thrill, the novelty,the curiosity

the fear of the unknown

which of these dominates

will determine the jump through the door.

The leap of faith, the leap of folly?

A leap into something, beyond the ordinary.

To go or not to go, 

The heart says yes, the mind says no.

What shall you do?

Take the foreign roads

or sail the familiar route?

Will you chose to open the door,

and see what is in store?

Or will you stay back,

and enjoy the predictable present

that may adventure lack.





For more detail and in depth history of the two places mentioned above have a look at

  1. http://www.goatourism.gov.in/destinations/churches/130-basilica-of-bom-jesus
  2. http://www.globalpagoda.org/


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Image source – Self Clicked.



The city of dreams


Amidst the unending noises and the silent but screaming voices, I desperately search for my own.

Such are my musings on a regular busy day in the city. Running around busy streets bustling with people, to catch an overcrowded train or bus, only to quarrel with someone over a seat given the long hours of the journey, followed by dodging traffic to reach your destination – just a glimpse into the busy life of the city I live in.

A normal day on a local train station in Mumbai

A normal day on the streets of Mumbai

Which is why it can become quite stressful to keep up with the fast pace in this city that never sleeps, the city that is always on the move.

However, it has some great aspects too. For instance, the biggest tourist attraction of all – Marine Drive, where everyday and night, hundreds of people can be seen enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the sea and the skyline of the city.


Marine Drive

Another beautiful spot is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, one of the most visited parks of the world and  one of the largest parks located within metropolis limit. Home to a wide variety of flora and fauna it is absolutely mesmerizing in the rainy season.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Not to forget the stunning Gateway of India


Gateway of India

Mumbai, they say is a city where dreams come true. A city that bounces back from whatever you throw at it, a city where people might not know their neighbors name but that won’t stop them from helping someone in need.

I am no expert on travel blogs, but something about Mumbai is just magical that made me want to write this post.

Here’s a small poem I wrote some years back about this city of wonders –

The city of Dreams

Amid the hustle and bustle

People shuffle and struggle

To find their voice,

Some here by chance, some by choice.

Not a second to spare,

No one is there to care.

Trains rushing, words gushing

So much of noise

But voices remain unheard.

Hotels,buildings and bungalows

Yet why on the street are those poor fellows?

Cars, cabs, buses and trains,

Fail to cover the distance between people,

Sadly all in vain.

A city known for its rains,

What about the hidden pain?

Whatever you see, is not the truth

If you look closely, the secret unearths.

Behind all the outer glory,

Each face hides a story.

Grief, pain, misery and sorrow,

Each hoping for a better tomorrow.

Every lane has seen the darkness,

Crime, murder and theft

They still move on, salvaging humanity,

whatever of it is left.

In a life this fast,

Love is thing of the past.

The city never sleeps

Yet in every lane a wounded soul weeps.

The city of dreams,

Yet full of nightmares

Thousands of broken hearts,

Loss beyond repair.

Luck bestowed on some,

For others the moment never comes.

From the dirt to the skies,

Whatever happens

The city’s spirit never dies.



Image source –

All images are self-clicked except

Traffic – http://www.commons.wikimedia.org

Trains – wikipedia.org

Copyright (c) Sneha P