For this week’s photo challenge, Rare, I choose this picture of a picturesque stream that I happened to stumble upon while I was on a trail as a part of this Agricultural tour I took some days back.

For someone living in the city, stumbling upon a sight as pretty as this, soft green grass, contrasting against tiny pebbles and stones, a gentle lapping stream at the end of a beautiful trail, is very rare indeed. This trip was very peaceful and serene. The natural beauty was breathtaking.


© Sneha P




Here’s my entry for the Weekly photo challenge


Sunrise through my window.

Happened to capture this beautiful sunrise on my birthday one day (no, today isn’t my birthday)

There is something so beautiful and picturesque about sunrises and sunsets. The poet in me reasons that sunrises are beautiful because they prove that no matter how dark the night, there shall be morning again, hang in there. Sunsets are beautiful because they are symbolic of how bad or good the day was, it will end. Also the fact that endings can be beautiful too.

The pure joys



For me when I hear the word pure, a clear blue sea springs to my mind.
Blue skies, serene beach and the sound of waves gently lapping at your feet, that is my description of paradise.  It gives you a lot of time to think, to feel, to forget.

Luckily enough I got to go on an impromptu trip to this beach nearby this weekend, just in time for this week’s Weekly picture challenge!

Here’s a little poem by me about this picture –

The mesmerising melody of the waves,
Lapping gently at my feet,
Bring me a pleasure oh so sweet.
Almost like a dream,
Untouched, uncorrupted by man,
Away from the noises,
A place so obscure,
I found my haven, a place so pure.