The garden near the graveyard


The cherry blossoms bloomed dutifully,
In the garden that stood opposite the graveyard, so beautifully.
The pretty pebbled road to the garden gate
Meandered slowly to the place where people met their ultimate fate.
The cool wind that solemnly blew the dust from the top of the graves,
Blew the hair of little children playing, to blissful ignorance, they were slaves.
The dirt where the fallen men lay peacefully,
Was just 50 steps way from where young men jogged hastily.
Farcically trying to prolong their days,
Calmly ignoring the inevitable long night that lay.
Whispered promises of undying love in the grass,
Lay there on the other side rotting as carcass.
People buried little seeds, planting saplings in the mud, a sign of renewal
While some buried bodies, and called life cruel.
The sun sets poetically on one corner of the garden of eternal rest,
While the people return home, renewed with a new zest.
I marvel at their willful ignorance and optimism
Their desire to hold on
Even though before their eyes
Lies the fact that all will be lost.



Come tomorrow,

the day shall be the same

except not quite.

The bird shall relish

the sweet taste of water

upon its beak

Somehow to me

the day shall be bleak.

The sun shall still rise

dutifully, proudly, joyfully

Spreading smiles like sunshine

Only I shall continue to search

Something that I lost

something that was once mine.

The neighbors shall play their music

just like everyday, slow and melancholy

Only today, my heart feels deeply

the pain, the melody.

The streets will be full of rushing people,

each oblivious to the loss of you

indifferent, apathetic, nothing new.

But maybe, the streets shall notice

your footsteps that are missing

the birds may someday wonder,

where did the feeding hand disappear?

The heavens shall be one

with someone very dear.

Come tomorrow,

I fear I shall miss you the most,

fretting over the moments I have lost

with you my companion,

feeling utterly abandoned.


Copyright © 2016 Sneha P Rights Reserved.

Lost Light


The warmth of your hands, Forever imprinted in my mind.

I still feel it,
The warmth of your embrace
the pleasant smile
On your kind lips.
The light dancing
In your concerned eyes.
The way you held my hand
When I was falling and falling.
The way you promised
To be by my side,
Forever. A lie perhaps.
Cold winter nights with you
Weren’t as bad as
warm sunny days are without you.
The guiding light
In my stormy days.
My guardian angel,
My omniscient friend.
The first words on my lips
Will perhaps be my last
Even though you left me
Midway, stranded, alone.
Even as you lay
On the destiny’s final bed,
Your eyes searched
for mine.
Your lips muttered only
The kindest words,
the wisest advice
And the sweetest prayers.
The pain you were in, 
Had no impact on your
Eternal beauty, heart and soul.
The pain in my heart,
Once burning hot,
Now a dull deep ache
That’s part of my soul
Forever to stay.
One day when I lay
Where you once did,
My lips shall mutter,
Mother, once again. 
For I shall see you
In heaven again.

The heavens opened

The heavens opened for a second,

They took him away,

So that’s how it ends.

Playing on the sand a moment ago,

Becoming the sand,

Going with the winds, wherever they flow.

The ground he walked on,

The people he met,

Slowly but surely, all of them will forget.

The lives the touched, the memories he made,

Some day in the future, all of them will fade.

Heavens opened

Heavens opened

No one will remember what his smile looked like,

How his touch felt, how he spoke and sang,

How his eyes crinkled and his nose wrinkled,

How he liked the sun, and despised the rains,

How bravely he endured every single pain.

How one never saw him crying,

I don’t remember much, even after trying.

How he loved each and all,

How proudly he stood tall.

It doesn’t matter now,

No one remembers.

When did it happen? June or was it December?

The heavens opened for a second,

And took him  inside,

the world stopped for a second, or maybe for longer.

It doesn’t even matter in my opinion,

For one day we all shall be sucked into the same oblivion.

Copyright 2015 (c) [Sneha P] Rights Reserved.