The purple skies

Here’s my entry for three line tales this week:

The little girl looked at the purple skies, sprinkled with fairy dust, and made a wish to live in the tall, mysterious tower she saw in the distance at the end of the village.

The lonely princess looked at the purple skies that matched the purple bruises on her skin and wished to be out there the village, free from this prison.

The purple skies faded away into dark night, leaving behind a thousand unanswered wishes.

Sneha Pathak

Picture perfect


As hundreds of people flooded in the wedding hall, everyone was awe-struck by the sublime beauty and the decorations. Cheerful whispers and murmurs, even the poignant music played by the band weren’t enough to drown  out voices in her head.

Dressed in white from head to toe, wearing an intricately designed and quite expensive, wedding gown, hair blow dried, perfect makeup and shoes, Ella was the picture perfect bride, except for the lack of a smile on her lips.

She sat there wondering if she was making the right choice. Her fiance, and now soon to be husband, Edmund had spent an ostentatious amount of money on the ceremony. She should’ve been happy, but she wondered who was it for? Edmund had never really had the time or probably the inclination to really listen to her thoughts or feelings. She wondered if he really loved her after all, or was she just a smart choice for him to settle down with?

The tsunami of doubt, reflection and contemplation had left her absolutely drained. She quietly made her way down to the altar.

She heaved a sigh and realized, Edmund planned an ostentatious ceremony as a show of his financial success in life, and their marriage was going to be filled with ostentatious display of love and marital bliss on her part, after all she couldn’t afford to be the laughing stock of the family, the one cousin who could never find love, no, she couldn’t risk being that person.

The ceremony went on smoothly as Edmund pretended to be modest as people complimented how beautiful everything was, and she pretended to be happy as they wished her a long happy married life.


Here is my take on this week’s Three Line Tales challenge


To some the colors of the wall were very quirky and peculiar.

To some, the vibrant colors represented liveliness, cheerfulness, and all things pretty.

For the blind owner, the colors were a way of reassuring himself, that even though the darkness had engulfed him, he could still fill others lives with colors for a little while.

© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


What lay waiting

This week’s three lines tales entry


The night had an eerie vibe, the sea was furiously splashing against the worn out rocks , the winds were howling, and David was shivering like a fallen leaf due to the cold night air or with fear, he couldn’t say.

He struggled on his way to the door and knocked only to be greeted by the prettiest woman he had ever seen – pale skin, red lips, rosy cheeks, wide charcoal black eyes and a look of innocence, unlike anything he had seen before.

He was dumbfounded but before he could ask for help or say anything, the stranger threw her arms around him and said ” I knew you’d be back! You promised you would come back!” as she dragged him inside to a room where every wall was adorned with paintings – of him.

© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

The beginning of forever

This week’s Three Line Tales  prompt and the tale –



We met when we were little kids, just a couple of 5-year-olds, giggling, running around holding hands, finding momentary bliss in our sandcastles, building a tiny perfect world under our blanket forts, swinging together under the pale moonlight.

Today as I sit on that swing in your backyard again, watching the pretty flowers, the stark white chairs, waiting patiently for the event to begin, I remember the promise you made to love me forever when we were 18 and blush.

I hear footsteps approaching, dozens of friends and family pour in every year on this date, as I celebrate the day that was supposed to be our wedding day but instead became the day the war took you away from me,forever, by decorating the backyard just the way we had intended it to look.

© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

Stuck in a loop

Here’s my entry for this week’s Three Line Tales


I stood there looking into your charcoal eyes, as you took a half-reluctant step towards me, the leaf crumbled beneath your feet, I apprehensively took a step back.

You slowly but swiftly picked up something and shot an arrow right at me, sucking out my life force, before I could run, I wonder if you realised that it’s me and that we were destined to meet again in this lifetime, only for you to destroy me completely….again.

This time as a cruel hunter apathetic to the agony of a beautiful deer, in the previous life as an indifferent lover, impervious to my emotions.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

The wait

This week’s story for the Three Lines Tale challenge.



Grandma used to sit with a ball of wool, knitting mechanically, every evening on the porch.

Every day around 7.30pm, she would get impatient and start knitting hurriedly, her eyes fixed on the gate until 9pm when she would return inside dejected and go to sleep.

Later I came to know, when grandpa was alive he would always come back home by 7.30pm from work, never late than 9 pm and grandma would always greet him at the gate with a smile.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]



Her bewitching almond shaped eyes deeply set in her oval face, shine bright. Her skin, smooth and p
ale,just like a porcelain doll. My doll. My heart melts every time I look at her The way her flowing hair falls on her forehead and how she patiently brushes it aside.She has a thin frame, but she always wears clothes that are one size too big, for comfort I guess. She eats like a bird anyway, plus she’s a health freak.  Visits the gym everyday, at on particular time, goes to buy organic fruits and vegetables all the way across town, man, she is dedicated to her personal goals.

Today, she looks exasperated, grouchy perhaps. Whenever she pretends to be angry with me, I can see right through her. She can never be mad at me. We’ve been together for over a year now. Though acts like she doesn’t care about us, I know it’s all an act to get me chasing her. Women, huh.

It’s getting  a little tiring though. I mean there’s only so much a guy can do. I asked her out a year back at the park where I saw her with her friends a few times, she said no, well just to play hard to get obviously. So I followed her home, saw her house, sent her flowers, cards, chocolates you know, to get her to say yes. After that she seemed pretty pissed at me, she’s a little weird that way.Who doesn’t love grand gestures of love? Anyway, since then I know she likes me too, I can see it in her blushing smile. So I just go wherever she goes, gym, shopping, restaurants, that’s what boyfriends do right? She pretends to be mad when she sees me, but inside I know she’s loving this attention.  Who wouldn’t?

Once I confronted her about seeing another guy, it turned quite ugly. In my defense, wouldn’t you be pissed if your girlfriend started seeing somebody else all of a sudden? Long story short, she still thinks he broke up with her over a text, because she nags too much, while his corpse rots away in the bottom of the ocean. The things one does for love.

She loves drama though. Today she has filed a restraining order against me, well she knows no power in this world can separate us, so she’s just checking how resilient I am. Well, bring it on.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

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What hurts more

Here’s my entry for This week’s Three line tales.



Played around with sharp, potentially deadly tools all his life without flinching once.

The cuts she left on his heart, mind and soul were way worse than anything the tools could do anyway.

When his loyal scissors touched that unfaithful lady’s face, he squealed with delight, watching her photograph ripped into pieces.


© Sneha P



Her eyes are now wide with fear, just like those of  many before her. She is young, in her early teenage perhaps. Her big brown eyes stare at me in horror, in anticipation of what is coming. Tiny beads of sweat form above her eyebrow. Her brown hair covering most of her forehead, her lips parted slightly, stiffling a cry.

As she watches me approach, she draws in a long breath. I can’t see my expression, but I know it must be one of determination. I feel like a predator and she my helpless prey. Am I a sadist? I can’t say.
I have done it countless times before, without flinching, I think proudly. I am a pro at this.

As I quickly cover the distance between us and grip her hand, I see her breathing quicken. The panic on her face almost makes me chuckle, almost. I’ve seen it all before, nothing they do surprises me anymore.
This one is fiesty though. She begins struggling, trying to free her arm, calling out for her mother. I hate the criers. They just make this so much more troublesome for both of us.
But my resolve is firm. No amount of struggle is enough to deter me. I will do what I am supposed to do. They pay me for this after all.
I hold her tightly in place, gripping her arm tighter, she is crying by this point.
My tight grip leaves red marks on her pale white skin.
I inhale sharply and remove my equipments.
I quickly but precisely put the needle in her arm, she yelps in pain, I begin to draw out her blood. I know just the nerve to strike.
I pull out the needle, put some rubbing alochol and a medical tape on it.
She finally stops crying. Her mother begins to comfort her.
I smile at her, trying to resolve any anymosity towards me. Hey, it’s not personal after all I think to myself.
I go on to carefully sample her blood and send it to the lab for testing.

Another one down.

Copyright ( c ) 2016 Sneha P