Oceans apart

Tapping rains on window sill

As I lay there still.

Listening to the rhythmic tap

As the summer sun gleams on other side of the map.

We try to defy time and sleep

We laugh, we ponder, we bicker, we weep.

Different skies, oceans apart

But with you, my heart did depart.

So we carve a space for us two,

Somewhere between where nights end and days start anew.

I leave this verse just at these few lines,

And I fall asleep thinking of golden times.

(C) sneha pathak

Something I forgot I had

Here is my take on today’s prompt: Jiggle

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Like a dusty old book,

the one you haven’t given a second look.

That has been lying in cupboard,

the one you vaguely remember reading, but can’t recollect a word.

The one you forgot you had,

but now that you see it, it makes you a little sad.

Certain emotions, I was sure I’d never again feel,

But one look into your eyes, and my heart was yours to steal.

Maybe it was the way your curls covered your forehead,

Or the fact that the book of my heart, was tired of being unread.

But one warm embrace was all it took,

for you to reopen, this dusty old book.

You came along and jiggled

the pile where lay neatly stacked away emotions.

I can’t help but go wherever my heart takes,

Knowing very well, this story too, will end in heartbreak.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


Some days I wonder 


Some days I wonder what we had, is it lost?

Did you and I ever have a shot? 

Some days I can’t forget your smile 

Some days I wonder if you remember mine?

Some days I miss our songs 

Some days I wonder, am I in the wrong?

For you never said you were mine

And I thought that was just fine. 

But on nights when I look at the stars

I cant help but wonder 

If what we had was real 

Or an illusion of love, something artificial? 

(C) Sneha P [ rights reserved]

My fragile heart


Like I crumpled rose,

my heart lies bleeding.

I flinch at your cruelty,

I flinch at my ignorance.

I should’ve left when

I did not think of you as vile.

For I told you my heart is fragile

but you didn’t care,

as my tears dropped in front of you,

like fallen raindrops on a window sill

the ones no one cares about.

But what am I to do?

For my fragile heart, still belongs to you.



© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]



When even the trees look like they form a heart

Don’t search for your name in my heart.
It’s been broken too many times at your hands, it can’t hold it anymore.
But If you look closely,  you might find your name in the song on my lips.
Don’t search for your mention in my words.
I dont utter it anymore, for I fear my sanity.
But you read closely, you will be able to find your name buried  in the verses of my poetry.
You wouldn’t hear confessions of love from my lips, I lack the courage to break myself again.
But if you see closely,  you will be able to find it in the way I look at you.
Like the sun that has the capacity to brighten up my day or burn my heart if it wants to.
Don’t search for your photograph in my possession, I can’t look at those cold eyes anymore.
But if you could watch my dreams, you’d see your face every night.

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved.