Letters to those who hurt me

I write a letter.

Several letters, one for each

Set of eyes that made mine overflow with tears.

One for the teacher

Who castigated me for years.

One for each bully

Who picked on me when I was weaker.

One for the friend

Who let me down in my time of need.

One for the aunty

Who broke down my self esteem.

One for the nameless relative

Who questioned my life choices.

One for the colleague

Who backstabbed me without cause.

One for the lover

Who made me cry every night

I pour my heart into these papers

Hoping it would make me feel lighter.

Telling these people off,

For all the times they hurt me carelessly.

Words spoken, cruelly and hastily.

And I write one final one

For the girl who writes these letters.

One to thank her,

For because of her pain, I became better.

I thank her for being patient

For pulling herself together

For braving through stormy weather.

I am the product of her endeavour

Of her courage, and her fear.

Where would she be

Without these experiences?

They moulded her,

And she moulded me.

I tear up the other letters

And keep just the one

I rise, like a Phoenix

As I watch the other letters burn.

(C) Sneha Pathak

One day that changed everything


One hundred meetings with you

didn’t matter to me once.

I was blissfully ignorant towards you.

Until one day, I began to see things anew.

One look into your hazel eyes,

And I fell in love

a love that would for a lifetime suffice.

One hug was all it took,

to put together my broken pieces

One harsh word was all it took,

To make me see you vices.

For I burnt day and night to make you realise,

it was okay to feel things, okay to embrace the sunrise.

However, I am out of fire, and your heart is still made of ice.

© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

Just for today

Today, I woke up frowning

Like yesterday, and the day before.

Today, the day seems long

before it has even begun.

Today, the sunshine is a little dull

Just like always.


But today, there are noises

from the streets.

Of Tiny feet, thud, thud, thud.

Running around in the drizzle

soaking it in.

Like a doe, running wild

today, rosy lips smile so wide,

today, my heart melts a little

Today, I drag myself out too.

Half unconscious of what I am doing.

Today, I feel the drops

touch my skin,

today it will be the only

salty water touching my cheeks.

Today, I stop to smell the roses

And sing a little to myself,

Today I wear my hair down,

the house is filled with aroma

of little pleasures that are forbidden


Today, I forget the chains

that cut into my skin.

Today, I shut off the world,

Scared at first, liberated the second.

Today, I forget the mean lady

that stares from the mirror

Ever so tired. ever so melancholy.

Today, the child has run out,

Today, I feel a little playful.

Maybe just for today.


Copyright (c) Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


Lost Light


The warmth of your hands, Forever imprinted in my mind.

I still feel it,
The warmth of your embrace
the pleasant smile
On your kind lips.
The light dancing
In your concerned eyes.
The way you held my hand
When I was falling and falling.
The way you promised
To be by my side,
Forever. A lie perhaps.
Cold winter nights with you
Weren’t as bad as
warm sunny days are without you.
The guiding light
In my stormy days.
My guardian angel,
My omniscient friend.
The first words on my lips
Will perhaps be my last
Even though you left me
Midway, stranded, alone.
Even as you lay
On the destiny’s final bed,
Your eyes searched
for mine.
Your lips muttered only
The kindest words,
the wisest advice
And the sweetest prayers.
The pain you were in, 
Had no impact on your
Eternal beauty, heart and soul.
The pain in my heart,
Once burning hot,
Now a dull deep ache
That’s part of my soul
Forever to stay.
One day when I lay
Where you once did,
My lips shall mutter,
Mother, once again. 
For I shall see you
In heaven again.

A summer’s day

It was a summer’s day.

I remember because I thought of you the whole day.

I remember the way you were calm and composed,

And I was fidgety and nervous – bursting with words, but my mouth remained closed.

summers day

It was a summer’s day,

I remember shyly glancing at your way.

Looking into those raven eyes,

Beginning of a storm, I surmise.

It was a summer’s day,

I listened with care, to every word you had to say.

I remember how you charmed your way into a heart,

Ignorant of the saga, you were about to start.

It was a summer’s day,

I flinched at the thought, of you going away.

I remember wondering why did I miss you so deep,

Even though you weren’t mine to keep.

It was a summer’s day,

I felt something in my heart, I tried to keep it at bay.

For It was a foreign feeling,

I didn’t know where my heart was wheeling.

It was a summer’s day,

I wanted to hear you say,

The words I myself suppressed for another day.

For I couldn’t stand to lose you,

In my heart I knew,

I will never find another you.

losing you

It was a summer’s day,

It happened in a strange way.

The feeling I thought I was above,

Before i knew it, I was in love.

It was a summer’s day,

I wished for you heart with all my soul,

For you are the one, that makes me whole.

I wish for a summer’s day,

When you will feel the same way.


Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved.

At the crossroads

I stood at the crossroads,

With a heart full of hope and a head full of doubts,

Before my eyes were two unconnected routes.

Befuddled I stood weighing my choices,

Sadly, my head was full of clashing voices.



I stood at the crossroads,

With a lot of vigor, my thoughts overflowed.

The reasoning mind echoed to take the road which was familiar,

Walking on which, I would still have the company of my Dear.

Though my heart will still long for more, and always cry in pain,

But at least in the end, our years of acquaintance will not then be in vain.

I will still long to know what it could have been,

I will still long to study the touch of your skin.

I stood at the crossroads,

My heart had a heavy load.

The dreamer whispered to try the risky one,

For it said what is life without a little adventure and fun?

Oh how sweet is this temptation to pursue,

The uncharted path that could lead me to you.

How unfathomable will be the joy of having you by my side,

How reliving would it be, to no longer have any desires to hide.

It could lead me to a path of you warm embrace,

Or subject me to pain that I cannot bear to face.

For I might lose you because of my wishful thinking,

Imagining that horror, my heart starts shrinking.

At this horns of dilemma, I know not what to do,

In one way or another, in the end I might lose you.

On both the ways, I have a lot at stake,

Both of the roads, can lead to heartbreak.

Which way do I go?

Do I think rationally or let my emotions flow?

Which path do I choose?

Do I pour my heart out or keep up the ruse?

I wish you would just drop me some cues!

Copyright Ⓒ 2015 Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

Note – this is inspired somewhat from Robert Frost’s poem The road not taken 🙂

The Illusion of Forgetting You

Forgetting you is an illusion,

Our personalities meeting was like fusion.

When our eyes first met,

Neither of us knew what we were going to get.

As the grains of time slipped from our hands,

We were carried away to novel lands.

For one of us it meant everything,

for the other it was naught,

Such was fate’s cruel plot.

I did escape from that trap you had set so craftily and with such care,

With eyes open and closed, I still see you everywhere.

I refuse to acknowledge, the fierceness of my feelings,

Even when I force myself into complete seclusion.

Forgetting you is such an illusion.

Forgetting you

The machine on my head convinces me to forget,

Yet the rebellious heart overflows with regret.

Your presence in my mind, is a complete intrusion,

Forgetting you is such an illusion.

I pride myself in being cold and strong,

When it comes to you, I couldn’t be more wrong.

To my rational,reasoning, reflective self you are the only exclusion

Forgetting you is such an illusion.

Wherever I go and whomever I meet,

My eyes secretly search for you on every known street.

Your face,your eyes, your smile and your habits,

Nostalgic for our time together, event the silliest bits

Still haunt my memories in profusion,

Forgetting you is such an illusion.

What would you do had you been here?

Oh How would I blush on seeing you near!

No one can match up to you,

Even when I smiled, you knew I was blue.

No one can be good enough,

How will I ever break your spell?

It is more than tough!

In my search for a lesser love, you remain an occlusion,

Forgetting you is such an illusion.

This poetry is another allusion,

Forgetting you will always be an illusion.

Copyright (c) 2015 [Sneha P] Rights reserved.