Just for today

Today, I woke up frowning

Like yesterday, and the day before.

Today, the day seems long

before it has even begun.

Today, the sunshine is a little dull

Just like always.


But today, there are noises

from the streets.

Of Tiny feet, thud, thud, thud.

Running around in the drizzle

soaking it in.

Like a doe, running wild

today, rosy lips smile so wide,

today, my heart melts a little

Today, I drag myself out too.

Half unconscious of what I am doing.

Today, I feel the drops

touch my skin,

today it will be the only

salty water touching my cheeks.

Today, I stop to smell the roses

And sing a little to myself,

Today I wear my hair down,

the house is filled with aroma

of little pleasures that are forbidden


Today, I forget the chains

that cut into my skin.

Today, I shut off the world,

Scared at first, liberated the second.

Today, I forget the mean lady

that stares from the mirror

Ever so tired. ever so melancholy.

Today, the child has run out,

Today, I feel a little playful.

Maybe just for today.


Copyright (c) Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


Hushed voices

Thousands of voices
quietly hushed.
Fear of mankind,
fear of being judged.

Smiling on the outside.
Imploding on the inside.

Monsters of the mind,
Hardest to slay.
Some clouds don’t part,
Some people, don’t live
To see the day.

If they could, they would
snap out if it
As you suggest.
But some thoughts haunt,
Despite trying your best.
Some scars, stay forever to taunt.

Several hearts in need of mending,
Several wounds that need love
And tending.

But they’d rather burn
In the hell of their mind.
Than listen to the jibes
Of the unsupportive and unkind.

On your little screens,
Everyone appears contented.
Suffering on the inside,
Silently tormented.

When they’re gone,
Some will cry and
writhe in deep pain.
Oh what’s the point? All in vain.

For when they were talking,
You wouldn’t listen. 
When they were crying,
You’d only cringe.
Maybe your indifference
Pushed them off the bridge.

Even today, some whisper
the woes of their heart.
Waiting to be saved,
Still some hope left.
Watch closely, 
They leave their trail.

Featured Poet!

Hello there readers!


Yesterday was a big day. My poems got published – again!!
The name of the journal is Ashvamegh – An International Journal of English Literature. The icing on the cake? I am one of the two Featured Poets for this issue!
The poems this time are especially close to my heart.

For those of you who find the time to read, thank you. I really hope you like them too.

The first poem- An Endless Search, is very special to me. It is my first experiment in writing a poetry on war and it’s consequences on people, refugees perhaps.

The poems titled “The eternal sky” and “my little joys” are an effort to write something lighter, happier. Something that is poignant yet thought provoking. 
Something even a non – poetry love can relate to.

Feel free to drop a comment/criticism/question.  I would love it!

Here’s a link to the post –

Sneha Pathak: Featured Poet March 2016

I hope you enjoy reading them.


Being a woman is something that cannot be articulated into words.
People often relate it with being compassionate, kind, nurturing, forgiving nature. However, with time the adjectives have changed.

I read this somewhere –

The idea that women are innately gentle is a fantasy and a historically recent one. Kali, the Hindu Goddess of destructed is depicted as wreathed in human skulls. – Naomi Wolf

Today women are breaking stereotypes in all areas. Be it choosing unconventional career paths,  making lifestyle choices that are unorthodox,  speaking up about issues that were earlier discussed in hushed voices or putting themselves and their needs first, without any feeling of guilt. And why should they feel guilty?
Before being a daughter, sister, mother or  wife, they are themselves first.
An individual with needs, Dreams,  hopes,choices,  opinions  and aspirations.


Happy Women's Day

There were times when women with strong voices and fierce opinions were looked down upon by society, they still are to some levels, but that has never stopped them from marching ahead.
What kind of a world do we live in where if a man’s bossy,he has a strong personality. Where as if a woman is bossy, she is a control freak?

They say –

People only fear what they cannot understand.

In my opinion, that’s why strong women are often criticized. People have a hard time dealing with change. A changed society where women can speak up for themselves without being judged.

Often people talk about liberation of women from shackles. I say liberation isn’t some big moment that we should await.
It could be something as little as letting your daughters/sister dress the way they want to, or work wherever they want to. Because to begin with, who said they needed your approval?
Or something as simple as changing the basic stereotypical views held in our mind.
Here are two ads that have managed to deeply touch me. –


This one is about breaking gender stereotypes and starting to do so at the very basic level.



When did “like a girl” become a bad thing?


I had read this one statement by Indra Nooyi

Women can’t have it all.

I say, why not? In my opinion women need to stop feeling guilty for wanting it all. Nobody will judge a man for staying at work till 12 am, or traveling the world leaving his family behind, but God forbid a woman should make the same choice.

Once women embrace their true self, once they decide to be unapologetic for who they are, nothing stands in their way. The illusion of a patriarchal society will be lost once the veil of ignorance is lifted.

This women’s day, instead of just wishing the wonderful women in our lives, let’s do something that will actually make a difference in the lives of all those beautiful women in our lives.

A hole in your soul.

There might be days when it feels like a hole has been punched into your chest and no matter what you try to fill it with, it just keeps getting bigger.
You want to curl up into a ball and just hide somewhere, or sleep and forget all about it. But for how long?
Some people will tell you to “Just be Happy” or “don’t think about it”. It’s like cutting open a vein and then asking someone to not feel any pain, or to not bleed.
This constant mental calculation, trying to find the cause, solution, different scenarios leaves you mentally exhausted.


Deep down, you want so much to be just happy. Some things seem to work, some things make it feel alright but only for sometime.

And then you keep wondering, hoping, searching for the next thing that will help, until it doesn’t anymore. 

As much as you long and hope to find whatever it is that will make you whole again, what If you know for a fact that the only destination to this search lies within yourself.
And you don’t know how to get there. 

Will it ever be fine?

Maybe someday it will hurt a little less. Maybe someday those memories won’t play on a loop in your mind.
Maybe one day, you won’t remember it so vividly. 
Maybe one day you will stop wondering what you could have done differently.
You will  stop blaming yourself. You won’t think if it/them everyday.


Then suddenly, one day when you might be walking down the street, or just having a meal with your friends, something might happen. Some tune playing some where,  some smell, some one’s smile, the color of some one’s shirt, or some old picture, and then you will think of it/them again.
And you will wonder if they think of you too. But you already know the answer to that don’t you?
Still you will convince yourself that it is in fact a good thing, that you can put the past behind you.
But a part of you always wonders if it’s a good thing or bad that you’ve forgotten what used to be an important part of your life.

Maybe it will never be fine.

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved.

Understand and Rescue.

“That is the thing about us, we are way too alike, you and I” she whispered. 

“Each of us wanting to be understood,  wanting someone to try and make sense of this beautiful, crazy, mess in our heads. To understand what makes us who we are.”

“Which is what makes us so perfect for each other” he exclaimed.

“But we also want to be rescued.” She reasoned.
” Rescued from this madness that engulfs our minds. This darkness that makes us feel powerful but alone.
Someone to make us see again how beautiful it is to step into the light.  To make us not feel so alone. So different.
Ironically, people who can understand what we are made of, are the ones that need rescuing too. ”

“So what do we want? To be rescued or to be understood?” He asked puzzled.

“I wish I knew” she sighed.