Like the little pink flower plants

Growing on the side of a dusty road

Surrounded by dirt and filth

Overlooked, but refusing to be floored.

Surrounded by gravel, they still


Like the little girl that is growing up

In a society of crime and horrors

But refuses to stick in a corner.

Pushing hard everyday to excel, what does she do?


Like the mother exhausted from a days labour

Struggling for ever morsel of food, devoid of relaxation

But still supports her son’s education.

Her courage is what makes her,


Everyday that you feel like you can’t get up and about

Shun away the darkness of doubt

Use your spirit as a candle.


(C) 2018 Sneha Pathak


A miracle


The night was dark and dreary,

the road was deserted and eerie.

Not a soul in sight to come to my aid,

So, I got down on my knees and prayed.

I hoped for a miracle to overcome this misery,

I waited in vain, as the silence mocked me bitterly.

The quiet wind laughed at my folly, my faith,

The pain had now reduced me to a wraith.

I waited and waited for the storm to subside,

I waited and waited for shelter, a place to hide.

I hoped and wished for a companion in this dark night,

I hope and begged for a miracle, a ray of light.

A miracle finally, did come true,

Not in a form I had expected it to.

Despite not having hope, courage and destination in view,

A miracle happened, I stood up and continued.

©Sneha P [Rights Reserved 2016]

Weekend musings

The way people treat you is a reflection of their inner self and character, not yours.

You may choose to be a good person, a kind friend, an empathetic listener, that doesn’t mean your kindness will be reciprocated. That is merely your choice. The choices that you make may let you sleep at night in peace knowing you are doing good or prick your heart like a little thorn knowing you are in the wrong.

You may be the shoulder to cry on for people in your life that doesn’t mean when you need one there will be people around to be that for you.

The people who you may travel across the oceans for will not necessarily cross a street to be there for you when you need them. Sometimes even if you give someone all your patience, love and support they can still choose to be indifferent or even impudent towards you. That is their choice.

Don’t break your heart just because someone else doesn’t have one. 

Don’t fall from grace just because someone else chooses to do so.

Don’t stop being kind just because someone doesn’t appreciate it. Someone might, someday.

Don’t stop being you just because someone else can’t handle your magnificence. 

Don’t stop shining just because someone tries to dim your light.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]



Tiny little pieces fallen on the floor,

I pick them up diligently, like a chore.

Once a magnificent marvel,

now fragments of the past, without any sparkle.

Washed over by life, love and loss,

Tales of bridges burnt, and crossed.

This is not a sad tale,

but one of tragedies and triumphs.

Of dragging yourself up the hill,

searching everyday, for the lost will.

Every story has a few tears, drops of blood perhaps,

But what is a hero without a few mishaps?

Every blow, meant to break me

only to mold myself anew.

Someday, I’ll be ready,

and have my destiny fulfilled,

Until then, I shall continue to rebuild.


Copyright (C) 2016 Sneha P



Like an ignorant bird,

sitting in a cage,

counting its blessings,

on being so safe.

Unaware of the joy of flight,

of its pleasure rare.

I sit around in my tiny world,

Blissfully ignorant.

The sun never bothered me,

The shade was my abode.

I dared not step out

to explore the unknown.

The world is scary,

one must always be wary.

So they warned me to stay,

hidden forever, in the prison of haven.

Lies I once believed,

oh so quickly.

But today, I woke up.

The cocoon around me

has become a cage.

Engulfing me in a sea

of nothingness for eternity.

To break the shackles,

their and my own,

I push with all my might,

ready to even die,

but not without a fight.

When the world seems crumbling apart,

finally sink in, the horrors of a new start.

Retreating back felt right,

But I chose to stay back and fight..

Just when I felt I was completely torn,

A  happened,

And I transformed.



Copyright (c) Sneha P [ Rights Reserved

What you hide

You want to say it out loud.

All these words, these feelings just fighting  crawl out of their carefully crafted cage. To spill out. They crave to be heard by someone. By anyone.
The desire to scream and say it. Say all of it.

But the fear of being judged overpowers the urge to express them. So you keep them locked up.


This darkness, this loneliness,  this emptiness you feel digging a hole in your chest.. that is not all who you are.
There is more to you.

There are days when you want to crawl into your bed and not get out. When you want  walk off somewhere and never to come back.
Days when you want to say hurtful things that you don’t mean, just because you are hurt and you can’t deal with It.

But there are good days too.

Days when you are grateful for everything. Where you feel you will be okay afterall. Where you can appreciate the beauty of life.
Days when you are fun to be around.
Not always though.

You fear that once you let the other part, the dark part be seen, then you’ll become vulnerable. 
Because people will always see you in that light.
The lonely one. The sad one. The depressed one. The grumpy one.
That makes it even worse.



You have your good and bad days.
But that’s hard to explain to someone. Someone who would accept the whole package.
Accept the gloomy and embrace the cheerful days.
Because who said that just because you have your bad days, you are a bad person?

Copyright ( c ) [ Sneha P ] Rights reserved.

The mystical realm of the Unknown

It’s amazing how at times even the smallest of things, the most random comments can end up teaching you something in a jiffy.

For instance, earlier today I was watching a movie ‘ The Chronicles of Narnia ‘


I have a habit of asking “What if this were to happen to us?” whenever watching a movie or reading a book.
So I ended up asking a friend ” What would you do if you were to stumble across a place hidden behind a wardrobe. A place full of magical things and people. A fantasy land. Would you courageously march forward and enter this world or would you control your curiousity and turn away, for the fear of facing whatever horror that could lie inside. For you know what they say, only the known is safe. ”

If I was given this choice I would’ve taken a while to make a list of pros and cons before coming to an answer (Yeah, I know it’s just a silly what If question, but hey you never know)

However much to my dismay, my friend answered unhesitatingly, that they would get away from the wardrobe/ the entrance to this magical world and probably get rid of it. Just to be safe, you know. That was it, end of discussion.

Later, however, I found myself wondering how often do we end up doing this – avoiding new opportunities, straying away from risks, from uncertainty, fearing the unknown and sticking to the normal, the ordinary, the known. More importantly,  how often do we end up missing on great opportunities, once in a lifetime chances, new experiences, the chance of meeting interesting people and exposing our mind to new experiences?


I am not saying that taking the job offer that you turned down would’ve been life changing or buying that new car would’ve  blown your mind away.
What I mean is, at times its okay to embrace ones curiosity, to venture into the unknown, to embrace change.

You never know what might lie on the other side of the door. The mystical realm of the unknown is a strange place, some regret not going, others regret venturing into it. 

I suppose all there is to it to question whether ten years down the line what would regret the most, doing something that turned out to be wrong or not doing something that could’ve been right? 


One day while wandering around,
Upon my ears, fell a curious sound.

I walked towards it to find a dusty door,
It had a crumbly sign

Dazed, I wondered what to do next,
What would be my actions, what would be their effect?

If I go any further, I might face the unknown, 
A kingdom of gold, or horrifying sights, I might be shown.

Abashed and anxious to avoid any trouble,
I turned away and crawled into my tiny known bubble.

It was forever ago, but I still wonder,
What would have happened had I gone yonder?

Copyright  (c) 2015 Sneha P [ Rights Reserved ]