Dinner table conversation

Like a iron hammer striking a metal gong
The spoon clashes against the plate
Playing crude, loud, lonely songs
Of love, heartbreak and fate.

The old chair creaks under my touch, the one that we picked out together
The one you always wanted to get rid of for a newer design
You see I held on to it,
For my hope unlike yours, does not resign.

The pale white plates with light blue flowers clatter as I put them on the table,
The state of which, is also no longer stable.

This creaking, clatter and clashes, make noises make a symphony
Helping me fill this silence melancholy.
Even though my heart can’t stand this separation,
This melody, makes up for our missing dinner table conversation.

Living in Duality

A girl sits by the seaside,

Adding to the saltiness of the sea

Drop by drop.

Contemplating broken dreams and lost hope.

A photographer, with his lenses in position

Captures a picturesque shot.

In the viewer’s perception of beauty,

Sorrow somewhere got lost. 

Both of them living their truth,

One sees beauty, one dwells in sorrows at that moment,

Each living their own version of the truth

Oblivious, to the other’s perception of reality,

Together, they coexist in this indifferent duality.


© Sneha P [ Rights Reserved ]




Sound of silence

He woke up at 2 am

Exhausted from his attempt to sleep,

From one thought to the next, his mind did leap.

Dragging himself out of bed,

He popped one of his meds.

Poured some water,

It splash against the glass

Making the silence shatter.

The ticking clock’s cruel taunt

The emptiness of the house, began to haunt.

Looked out the window to see all apartments with switched off lights,

Apparently the world wasn’t a part of a similar fight.

He sat there on the table, smoking a cigarette

His tears, making his face wet.

Slowly he got up and went to bed,

And just lay there and waited.

Next morning, he went to a work event and was the life of the party,

Had a laugh or two, and it was almost hearty.

Only in his heart he knew the melancholy night was near

And that, filled his heart will fear.

(C) Sneha P 2018