Memories that sting

Like a faded wound, that doesn’t bother you anymore,

I think about them no more.

Except when I stumble upon old letters,

I read them anyway, even though I know better.

Declarations of love, poetry for my beloved and sweet nothings

As my fingers trace the faded words, I have trouble breathing.

I move on to further musings, tear soaked papers, stories of pain

Promises to self to never love again, all in vain.

I find a box of heartache in every corner of my life,

Stories of people whose words hurt more than a knife.

Again and again, the same old misfortune and pain,

Just by people with different names.

Every time I look the dusty volume of my past,

I wonder what curse has been cast?

For even I though lock them away, memories of heartache still cling,

Every time I think of the past, it still stings.

© Sneha P [rights reserved 2017]




Whispered promises of friendship and love,

Hope glimmering, like the stars above.

Stolen kisses, shy smiles and intense glances,

Things that made me give you multiple chances.

Hanging on to your words from the past,

Blind to the promises broken so fast.

Living in a memory where things were right,

A haven, where we never had a fight.

Where your words didn’t make my heart bleed

Where you said I was all you could ever need.

Now I live in false hope, tired of this sadistic dance

What can I do? I am caught up in your trance.

© Sneha P [Rights Reserved 2017]

The Holidays

As the white snow covered the ground underneath,

The weight of memories comes crashing down,

I find it hard to breathe.

The twinkling lights were too bright,

But the darkness dominated the night.

The warmth of the coco

could not warm your cold heart,

Even my love’s passion failed to do its part.

You murmur as you shove aside the mistletoe,

‘A kiss can make you fall in love,

And I have no emotions, don’t  you know?’

As the laughter fills the air,

There is only one thing for which I care.

To hold you tight once again,

Ah! The holidays bring too much pain.



© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]



Crumpled pieces of paper

lie in the corner,

Poetry I wrote for you,

What a waste, if only I knew.

What’s worse is my crumpled heart,

Broken promises and a friendship that fell apart.

As I burnt myself in love’s destructive fire,

Consumed by pain, longing, and desire

You whiled away in your palace of apathy,

The notion that you had human emotions, was a fallacy.

The heart-wrenching pain has finally subsided

A dull ache remains, of a love unrequited.

The butterflies I got on seeing you, have finally died

Darling, finally I’ve discovered, love, will never suffice.

© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]

What remains


When you promised forever,

I didn’t think it ended with a date.

I try to call it some plot by fate.

We both know you never believed in the stars,

But then again, did I ever really know who you are?

When you left, without a word, without telling me why,

I dropped a tear, as I questioned the sky.

Now you are gone, leaving me in a rut

But like an old tree that has been cut,

The feelings remain, much like the stump

that remains, stubbornly, sticking out

in the now barren land.


Me with you


I am losing myself trying to keep you around.
I am losing my mind as I try to decipher yours.
I am losing my happiness as I strive to maintain yours.
I am forgetting my words as I try to comprehend your silence.
I am losing my present as I try to think of a future with you.
I am losing my peace as I try to calm your chaos. 
I am losing my confidence as I try to overcome your doubt.
I am losing out on people as I wait for you.
I am hating love as I try to love you.

© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]