For this week’s photo challenge, Rare, I choose this picture of a picturesque stream that I happened to stumble upon while I was on a trail as a part of this Agricultural tour I took some days back.

For someone living in the city, stumbling upon a sight as pretty as this, soft green grass, contrasting against tiny pebbles and stones, a gentle lapping stream at the end of a beautiful trail, is very rare indeed. This trip was very peaceful and serene. The natural beauty was breathtaking.


© Sneha P

Narrow – Tightrope walker


For this week’s photo challenge, the only image popped in my mind was of this tightrope walker, a performer in India. One slip of the foot and this person could have suffered severe physical damage, however he didn’t break a sweat performing several tricks on this tightrope.

Fire and water


For this week’s photo challenege I’ve chosen this picture of candles floating on water in bowl decorated with flowers.I made this myself for the Indian festival of Diwali.

The picture beautifully captures the contrast of fire floating on water. Of darkness and light, much like people,  who happen to have both darkness and light inside them. It’s a matter of choice what we feed and allow to grow.