The Holiday Choice

The holiday season and all its glory

Every face, every smile, every eye hides a story.

Of tradition and customs over the years,

Spending it with friends, alone or with someone dear.

Some recollect the joy of childhood and all the warm memories

Of lights, freshly baked cookies, and Christmas trees.

A recollection of carols, gifts under trees and the warmth of family

Others, who didn’t have that fortune, treat it as a bittersweet memory.

Some try to write new stories, with a loved one curled up in bed

Or cooking with your beloved.

Of failed attempts at baking that led to a laughter fest

Perhaps, an unexpected visit from a lover from far off,

Aren’t those the best?

Some want the day to be picture-perfect, following tradition

While others, take it as it comes, without any inhibition.

Some bombard social media with the pictures of them having fun

While some have the best time, without even telling anyone.

Some spend it alone, with some takeout, a movie, to get some peace of mind

Just a day to take their minds of the daily hustle and grind.

Whichever way you choose to embrace the day and its glory

All that matters is remember to be Merry!

PS – A small attempt at a holiday poem, very different from what I usually write (my regular readers will know).

The picture in this post is of all the Christmas trees I have seen this week! 🎄

Happy Holidays Everyone! What’s you favt holiday tradition? Comment below!

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