A lost fight

On a cold dark night,

A tiny lone candle fights.

To slay the darkness

To spread out the light.

She had always won against soft breezes,

But her spirit grows weak as the cold increases.

The wind is a fearsome opponent

The candle grows weak and despondent.

As the darkness begins to take over the room,

The candle envies the light of the moon.

For no winds could put it out, on most days

She desperately tried to hold on to its ray.

Its tears trickle over its body shyly

It’s spirit dying away, slowly.

They tried to shade her light by their two hands

But she knew, a chance she did not stand.

As they struggled to keep her lit with all their might,

She exhaled her last words slowly,

Sometimes it’s okay to embrace the darkness of the night.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved] 2018.





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