Futile search

I search I search 

For pieces of me that I’ve left 

In places and people that brought me no good

Where promises of love were only falsehood.

I search I search

For the girl who believed in fairy tales

Who saw the good in people, to no avail. 

I search I search 

For the goodness of her heart 

However, for her sanity to remain, her humanity had to depart.

I search I search 

For her share of love, 

Little did I know, love wasn’t written in her destiny, by the Gods above. 

(C) Sneha P [Rights Reserved] 


12 thoughts on “Futile search

  1. Bhanu says:

    Close your eyes
    Let go of all the inhibitions
    Remember the first step you took on the earth
    The wet sensation of the earth
    The feeling of the rain on your skin
    The Euphoria of riding a bicycle
    Your little scream in the lobby
    Try to recollect them
    You see nothing much changes
    Now look in the mirror
    Try to see in the eyes
    And through the eyes
    See the heart
    Has anything changed ?
    Does that little deserve all the love in the world ?
    So care for her
    Nurture her
    And Behold onto the time comes
    Once you feel this within
    Smile and make yourself happy
    Then take all your decisions calmly and with conscience.
    Life should be in a good shape – Sneha (Love is in the name)!

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  2. Bhanu says:

    My thoughts are often a reflection of the deep minds and souls around.
    Some of my good work has come out as a result of counter thinking or instant response to a post or someone’s thought.

    Wish to read many more perspectives and experiences, to grow within.

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