I cling, I cling


In this river of solitude

Where happiness continues to elude

I cling, I cling to traces of bliss

As I reminisce about a smile playing on his lips.

When someone walks by that reminds me of him,

I try to avert my gaze, I can’t let him win.

But deep down I cling, I cling to the sensations

Trying to remember the texture of his skin.

When the pain is too much to bear,

I pretend to not care

But deep down I cling, I cling,

to memories of what we used to be.


9 thoughts on “I cling, I cling

  1. Bhanu says:

    We can’t deny what the truth is
    We all live projections and dualities
    Inside there is a deep complex web of thoughts and feelings that keeps us alive or scared or sad or hurt.

    Cling all you can
    For one day you will know
    That if it was an anchor
    Supposed to hold you tight
    Or something that didn’t take you swim
    For you might be born for the sea
    When the pirate would come in your life
    You will realize it all the mermaid you are !


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