What reminds me of you

Hello there! This is my first entry for the Monday Morning Melts prompt.

This week’s prompt was –

PROMPT: The Script – Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”

When it’s right it’s more than right
Cause you feel it more than feel
I could take this moment now
Right into the grave with me



One winter evening, I saw a snowflake fall

Memories of you came rushing back,

first a few, then all.

The almost half-dimple on your cheek

Your smile that made my knees go weak.

The way your hair looked brown

only in the sunlight

The way your eyes sparkled with light

The way you brushed away your hair,

There was something about you, just this air.

The snowflake was unique, nothing like another

But just like you, I knew I’d never see it again

after a change in weather.



© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


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