Why he fell in love


He fell in love,

not with her face,

but the way her smile

made his heart race.

He didn’t care for her sense of fashion,

but the twinkle in her eyes, her passion.

He fell in love with the way she flipped her hair,

With how she was always the girl who cared.

With how she fell asleep

reading her favorite book,

With her classic,

I’m trying to be angry at you look.

With the tears glistening on her cheek,

With how she never called herself weak.

He fell in love with,

The way she held him on a bike.

With the way she blushed

when he confessed his like.

He fell in love with the elegance

with which his heart attached to hers

With her poetry, her eloquence.

The way she looked at him,

her eyes piercing his soul

When he met her, he realized,

He had never really been whole.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


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