I fall, I fall,

I give it my all.

I dive deep down

Till I know I have drowned.

I fall, at first hesitatingly,

then willingly, unconditionally

in love with your electric eyes.

I don’t hold myself back,

as I stare into them, charcoal black.

Alluring, all knowing, almond shaped

Reassuring, soothing, enticing.

Did they whisper your secrets?

Can they read my regrets?

Does anyone else see the spark,

when your eyes hold mine, oh the fireworks.

You practice hypnotism, some magic,

Tell me, why are you fond of love stories tragic?

Why did you glance,

into my heart and soul,

then left me drowning

in this salty river, all alone.

Why did they decieve

Or did I misperceive?


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]




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