A silently screaming hope

For today’s prompt Maybe I chose to write about a pressing issue among a large number of teens these days – bullying. In today’s world, cyber bullying, bullying at school, neighbourhood or even at home is becoming a serious threat to children in terms of breaking their confidence, self-respect and creating an unsafe environment. In situations my poem aims to reflect the thought of one such kid who can’t do anything but hope and pray for this ordeal to end. It’s highly crucial for family and friends to be supportive and open to discussing such issues with kids with an open mind.



Maybe this time they won’t hurt me,

Maybe this time I wouldn’t beg on my knees.

Maybe this time someone will actually notice,

Maybe this time my confidence won’t be broken.

Maybe this time they will choose to be nice,

Maybe this time standing up will suffice.

Maybe this time my clothes will be right,

Maybe this time they won’t pick me for a fight.

Maybe this time they won’t call me names,

Maybe this time people won’t play mind games.

Maybe this time when school starts, they won’t bully,

Maybe that will never happen, I’m just being silly.

Maybe this time, I will be over it,

Maybe this time, I won’t try to fit in.

Maybe this time, I will end it all,

Maybe this time I will plunge and fall.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


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