I searched for happiness

in all the right places.

Fame, success, love and money

It somehow managed to elude me, how funny.

I don’t mean I wasn’t happy or joyous

But somehow in my heart there was a longing

a sense of incompleteness.

So I worked harder to no avail,

I must be missing some detail!

I took long vacations,

visited dozens of nations.

Still I felt something was amiss

I longed for pure and utter bliss.

I stumbled upon a place of worship,

Took some time to recite some verses

I didn’t remember them so well,

I was instantly under a powerful spell

my worries washed away slowly

My spirits lifted wholly.

I cower in the presence of a higher power,

In the protection of this holy tower

I felt one with myself,

with the power in my soul

my heart beats mimicked the verses

I kneel before the almighty and

realize, people are delusive,

if you look in the right places,

happiness is never elusive.



© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]






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