The royal feast



Once the King hosted a big feast for the whole kingdom in the honor of his Daughter’s wedding. The whole kingdom was overjoyed and delighted. The commoners sang songs about the King’s mighty conquests and his bravery. While in his heart, the King was dying a thousand deaths. For he had agreed to marry his daughter to a neighboring Kingdom, to avoid a war as threatened by the groom’s father, the evil King. He had sacrificed one daughter’s happiness to save that of his other thousands of children, his subjects.

The women sang songs of love and and wished for the Groom, the Prince’s long life with the Princess. The Princess however, was fervently praying for the plan of poisoning the Prince to work. She was desperately in love with a soldier.

The kitchen hands were worn out from working overtime for the feast. Too much work, too few men. Their demand for more helpers had been denied due to security reasons, the king couldn’t trust anyone but a selected few to prepare the royal feast. Outside, dozens of people sit idly, unable to find employment, absolutely devastated by their lack of purpose and money.

The feast ended with absurd amount of leftovers, a miscalculation in the kitchen in terms of quantity. It was thrown away, fed to the dogs, most of it anyway, king’s orders were to feed it to the poor, but the people responsible for doing it, knew the king wouldn’t have time to look into this. The Royal men were so full, they had to puke to be able to breathe. Whereas the poor and the hungry, could never make it near the feast, always cast aside by the royal guard for fear of their stealing and spreading diseases to the royal family. Open feast? Not for all really.

Everyone went home declaring the feast to be a big success, ignorant to the woes of those mentioned above. In all honesty, the people responsible for cleaning were majorly upset, even the commoners thought the food was bland.


© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


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