How could I predict?


I was so used to order,

to knowing, to control

Then you came along

a free, boundless soul.

You didn’t sing me a song,

but gave me handwritten poetry instead.

Twisted my ideas of right and wrong.

You never remembered

our anniversary dates each,

but saved little sea shells

from our trip to the beach.

You never gave me a box of chocolates,

but spent weeks perfecting my portrait.


You stood happily below my window,

be it sunshine or snow.

I couldn’t help but adore you dearly,

You were in love, I could see it clearly.

Your quirky charm was so irresistible,

Why was I surprised when you left?

You were always so unpredictable.



© Sneha P [Rights Reserved]




10 thoughts on “How could I predict?

  1. Chandan Sinha says:

    Well I could speculate about the circumstances, having been in the similar situation as that of the person being referred to. But I think it would be better if the reasons remain unpredictable – it’s what this poem sought out for 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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