For today’s challenge I decided to try something different from poetry, so I’ve written a few micro fiction tales.

  1. Woke up. Nightmare began.
  2. They said he was the guy of every girl’s dream. One month with him and now he’s definitely the guy in my nightmares.
  3. Ran away from her village to chase her dreams. Now she wishes she could run back home when the nightmares have begun.
  4. “Sara, will you hold me when I get nightmares?” Kate pleaded. “Kate, I died three weeks ago, This is a nightmare. A living one.” the nanny smirked.
  5. Nightmares didn’t scare her anymore, for she knew it’s the dreams that hurt more when they are crushed.
  6. The  pretty doll her aunt gifted her was every girl’s dream, until it started crawling into her bed every night.
  7. Years ago I had a nightmare that my evil twin sister went on a killing spree. Months ago at the hospital I realized it wasn’t a nightmare. Weeks ago the doctors told me I have no twin sisters. Today I look at her in the mirror, the nightmare has only just begun.


Copyright © Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


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