Today’s entry for the Word High July challenge  

Don’t be so loud!!

Why do you murmur?  Speak aloud!

Don’t be a cry baby

What are you heartless? 

Why don’t you go out often? 

Better be back home by ten! 

Better answer me young lady! 

Don’t you talk back to Daddy!

Why are your grades so poor? 

Straights A’s huh,but that won’t open all doors! 

Why don’t you shut your mouth sometime? 

Always sulking in your room, all fine? 

When I was your age I was so much better

You need help with life? 

Let me pass Judgement first,

I’ll help you, but later! 

Whatever you do will never be enough,  

I expect you to be my friend, even though I’ve always been rough. 

Why are you screaming?

Such a spoilt ltitle brat! 

Don’t run away,  let’s have a little chat. 

Wait! Don’t jump down the roof!

Too late now! 

Why didn’t she tell us, she was feeling aloof? 

Why such an outburst? 

Why couldn’t she talk to us first? 

Copyright  (c) Sneha P  [Rights Reserved ]


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