Today’s entry for the word – False

It could’ve been false 

They said. 

It could’ve been in my mind

An illusion, the intricate kind.

They say you didn’t really love, 

My heart fluttered, yours never moved.

To them I smile and say, 

No trick could replicate 

The touch that lingers, still. 

The look in those eyes 

The tears that did spill.  

The way your fingers 

Brushed away my hair

Your crooked smile

When I called you mine.

The soft ringing of your voice, 
The way you embraced 

My flaws and all my vice.

The poems I wrote for you,

You said they made you

Fall in love anew.

The song you sang by the fire,

The way shadows danced on your face,

Stirring up pure desire.

The longing, the wait, the pain

You said you can never 

Love another person again.

The ache in my heart 

As I let go of your hand, 

The moments of magic 

My reason to live, 

Slipped away like sand,

Isn’t that tragic? 

So tell me, am I wrong? 

Was it all a game, a sham?

Was it all false? 

But when I pick up your call

And the silence quietly screams,

I know then, you are still in love, 

It wasn’t all a dream. 

Copyright (c) Sneha P  [RIGHTS RESERVED ]


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