You forbade me to look inside,

To rip the mask aside.

But I did it anyway,  

Confident to face come what may.

You warmed me of the horrors, 

Shall I come too close 

I was willing to risk it 

For you, I couldnt lose. 

I saw the monster, 

You hid so well. 

I saw the horrors,  

Like my own personal hell. 

I wanted to but couldn’t 

Step any closer.

I saw the man you try to hide, 

I stepped in and finally saw

The darkness inside. 

Will I find it in me 

To stand by you despite, 

Do I have the strength 

To stay and fight? 

For even in the darkest hour 

You still  are my guiding light. 

Copyright  (c) Sneha P  [Rights Reserved. ]


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