In the dark, her eyes sparkle like stars. I know it sounds cheesy, but they do.

If there was a magic mirror on the wall, it would say she is the fairest of them all. At least to me anyway. To be honest, I haven’t really known many other women. Or any woman. Sure, I see hundreds of them at work,but they don’t really see me. 

Tonight as I sneak in to meet her, I am greeted by the sparkle of her glittery dress in the dark. 

My hands go towards the light switch. She asks me to leave it be. She doesn’t want anyone to see her with me. Fair enough. 

She smiles with her red rosy lips and looks coyly towards me. Every girl who passes by her, usually turns around to look at her again. The dress fits her perfectly. Like it’s made for her.  I hold her hand and forget our troubles for the moment. 

In that moment, it’s just her and me. Nothing else matters. No difference big enough to separate us. Love doesn’t understand logic right?  

“Let’s leave this place.let’s run away, you and I. Let’s just forget the world and what people think, or what they will think, for a moment let’s just think of ourselves. You know for a fact that no one can love you like I do, and I doubt that a guy like me will never find someone who looks like you in the outside world.” I plead.

She squeezes my hands gently. ” You know I’d like nothing better. Here I am just a piece that will be discarded once I am of no use, once I am old. But I can’t leave,. You know it”

“Can’t we just be impulsive for once? See where it takes us?” I beg. 

” You know I can never survive anywhere but here.  Plus, it’s forbidden.” She murmurs under her breath. 

“What?  Love? Love is forbidden?” I am furious by now. 

“No, emotions are forbidden.” She replies darkly. 

I have no reply.

We sit in silence holding each other, as the sun’s first rays fall on us through the glass doors and windows. 

I drag her lifeless body and put it by the door. 

*sigh*  Why did I have to fall in love with a mannequin? 

Copyright (c) Sneha P  [rights reserved]

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