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Try to see, really see

The untold story, the mystery. 

The secrets she whispers 

Only to the mirror,

Her dreams, her wishes 

Her deepest darkest fears.

The story behind her first crush

What is her elixir?

what gives her a rush?

The story behind the odd scar 

On her hand, 

Does she dream of dragons and princes 

In a far far away land? 

Why does she look down 

When she blushes and smile? 

Does she love jeans or a beautiful gown?

Would she rather read

Or go for a trek?

What is her kindest deed?

When was she a wreck? 

Where has she been 

And where will she go? 

These are the answers 

You must definitely know. 

She has this quirky charm 

This quality, this air 

She is worth the time spent 

To look through all the layers.  

Copyright © Sneha P [Rights Reserved]


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