Pursuit of pleasure


There is  an eerie silence filling the forest. The scene is very cliché, yet very gloomy. Big dark trees like prison walls all around me, their green leaves rustling quietly, dancing with the wind. The forest is wet with rains.

I take one step at a time carefully forward. Every step creating a creak and crunch of leaves. I know danger is close. I must overcome it to go over to the Golden Land. Oh, how hard  have I tried, how much sweat and effort I’ve put into reaching here. I cannot stop now. So close, yet so far. I have very little strength left. I must use it wisely. My eyes sting, but I cannot stop.

In my dark brown pants and a faded white shirt, now covered in mud, twigs and blood – some my own, some my of my enemies, my dark hair now a mess, I look like a madman. A  tall, well built,handsome madman, but a madman nevertheless. Young maidens would still kill to be my wife.I smirk.

Armed only with my sword and a few arrows in my quiver, I look around nervously for the Hunting tribe. I have read about the secret needed to overcome this challenge. Finally I hear a scream and someone jumps on me.

I am quick. I have done this for years. I roll and jump to the side and draw out my sword.  I fight them off with my remaining blood. I am almost dying. My walk is slow but I am still strong enough to carry on. I have to choose my path wisely. The decisions I make will decide where I land up, my fate.

On my way forward I am stopped mid-track by an old man in flowing robes. A strange light illuminates him. He asks me for a password. Ha.Thank goodness I wrote it down. I jump towards the paper to pick it up when suddenly everything goes black.

I hear giggles. My eyes land on the wretched little thing that has ruined my efforts. My niece. How can someone be just 7 years of age and still manage to piss off someone 30 year old? She has removed the power cord of the computer. Awesome. Now Knight Frank Gregein is left stranded in the forest till I replay the level again. OR WORSE, I think I forgot to save the progress. NO! 10 hours of efforts down the drain.

I see a plump little man,with  short stature staring at me in despair. I look away from the mirror and go back to scowling at my niece. Why does she have to visit her grandparents every month? Brat. God, I hate people.

I go back to the computer, the one thing I find pleasure in.


Copyright © Sneha P 2016 [Rights Reserved]

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