Come tomorrow,

the day shall be the same

except not quite.

The bird shall relish

the sweet taste of water

upon its beak

Somehow to me

the day shall be bleak.

The sun shall still rise

dutifully, proudly, joyfully

Spreading smiles like sunshine

Only I shall continue to search

Something that I lost

something that was once mine.

The neighbors shall play their music

just like everyday, slow and melancholy

Only today, my heart feels deeply

the pain, the melody.

The streets will be full of rushing people,

each oblivious to the loss of you

indifferent, apathetic, nothing new.

But maybe, the streets shall notice

your footsteps that are missing

the birds may someday wonder,

where did the feeding hand disappear?

The heavens shall be one

with someone very dear.

Come tomorrow,

I fear I shall miss you the most,

fretting over the moments I have lost

with you my companion,

feeling utterly abandoned.


Copyright © 2016 Sneha P Rights Reserved.

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