A recipe for perfection



Anyone can fall in love
Under the pale moonlight
When the stars are just right
When the winds whisper melodies
And when the night plays cupid.
A temporary haven
Is all that it is.
For come morning,
The stars will nowhere be found
The winds will make no sound.

I dare you to fall in love
Nay, walk in love.
Knowingly, Willingly, Purposely.
Even when it seems hard,
Especially when it seems hard.

Love not their face
For it shall one day fade.
Love their mind
And all its complex mess.

Embrace their dark stories
Not just those of glory.
Fight for them when
they ask you to go
Read them inside out
When their yes means a no.

Give them a little surprise
Just out of the blue.
A bouquet of roses,
A lovely little card
If that is too much,
Take them to see the stars
Write a song for them
Or a poem if you must
Tell them ‘I love you’
Even if it’s just.

If you feel lucky,
Let them know you do
Don’t forget in the morning
To drop a kiss or two.

A little honesty,
A hint madness
A dollop of passion
With a little respect
And admiration
You’ve got yourself a recipe
Of love’s perfection!

Copyright (c) 2016 Sneha P [Rights Reserved ]


10 thoughts on “A recipe for perfection

  1. mistspell says:

    After reading your poem I started to wonder which comes first…pale moonlight, stars and winds melodies or falling in love. Maybe these three affect us BECAUSE we fell in love and not the other way around. I agree with you though, loving a mind and soul is much deeper than mere setup of romantic circumstances (by romantic I mean whatever TV and movies are trying to teach us that romance is).

    Liked by 1 person

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