Today I shall break down,

whisper the darkest secrets

Even if they make me drown

later, in a sea of regret.

Today, I shall hold on tightly,

even if you call me weak.

Don’t take my words lightly

For today, I shall finally speak.

Today, I long for human touch,

am I asking too much?

Today, the barriers around my heart

are torn down,

As I write a new start.

Today, I shall write that letter,

even if I regret it later.

Today, you will finally know,

even if the answer is no.

Today, I embrace my feelings

even if it is ineffectual,

I shall finally be on the path to healing

Today, I shall do what feels natural.

Today, I shall pour my heart out.

Today, I won’t holdout.


Copyright (c) Sneha P

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