Her eyes are now wide with fear, just like those of  many before her. She is young, in her early teenage perhaps. Her big brown eyes stare at me in horror, in anticipation of what is coming. Tiny beads of sweat form above her eyebrow. Her brown hair covering most of her forehead, her lips parted slightly, stiffling a cry.

As she watches me approach, she draws in a long breath. I can’t see my expression, but I know it must be one of determination. I feel like a predator and she my helpless prey. Am I a sadist? I can’t say.
I have done it countless times before, without flinching, I think proudly. I am a pro at this.

As I quickly cover the distance between us and grip her hand, I see her breathing quicken. The panic on her face almost makes me chuckle, almost. I’ve seen it all before, nothing they do surprises me anymore.
This one is fiesty though. She begins struggling, trying to free her arm, calling out for her mother. I hate the criers. They just make this so much more troublesome for both of us.
But my resolve is firm. No amount of struggle is enough to deter me. I will do what I am supposed to do. They pay me for this after all.
I hold her tightly in place, gripping her arm tighter, she is crying by this point.
My tight grip leaves red marks on her pale white skin.
I inhale sharply and remove my equipments.
I quickly but precisely put the needle in her arm, she yelps in pain, I begin to draw out her blood. I know just the nerve to strike.
I pull out the needle, put some rubbing alochol and a medical tape on it.
She finally stops crying. Her mother begins to comfort her.
I smile at her, trying to resolve any anymosity towards me. Hey, it’s not personal after all I think to myself.
I go on to carefully sample her blood and send it to the lab for testing.

Another one down.

Copyright ( c ) 2016 Sneha P


8 thoughts on “Struggle

  1. fstyles612 says:

    Lol OMG I love this! At first I thought it was a serial killer or kidnapper until at the end it was clear it was the dreaded doctor visit. I love the way you describe the scenario! Bravo ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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