Like an ignorant bird,

sitting in a cage,

counting its blessings,

on being so safe.

Unaware of the joy of flight,

of its pleasure rare.

I sit around in my tiny world,

Blissfully ignorant.

The sun never bothered me,

The shade was my abode.

I dared not step out

to explore the unknown.

The world is scary,

one must always be wary.

So they warned me to stay,

hidden forever, in the prison of haven.

Lies I once believed,

oh so quickly.

But today, I woke up.

The cocoon around me

has become a cage.

Engulfing me in a sea

of nothingness for eternity.

To break the shackles,

their and my own,

I push with all my might,

ready to even die,

but not without a fight.

When the world seems crumbling apart,

finally sink in, the horrors of a new start.

Retreating back felt right,

But I chose to stay back and fight..

Just when I felt I was completely torn,

A  happened,

And I transformed.



Copyright (c) Sneha P [ Rights Reserved


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