Just for today

Today, I woke up frowning

Like yesterday, and the day before.

Today, the day seems long

before it has even begun.

Today, the sunshine is a little dull

Just like always.


But today, there are noises

from the streets.

Of Tiny feet, thud, thud, thud.

Running around in the drizzle

soaking it in.

Like a doe, running wild

today, rosy lips smile so wide,

today, my heart melts a little

Today, I drag myself out too.

Half unconscious of what I am doing.

Today, I feel the drops

touch my skin,

today it will be the only

salty water touching my cheeks.

Today, I stop to smell the roses

And sing a little to myself,

Today I wear my hair down,

the house is filled with aroma

of little pleasures that are forbidden


Today, I forget the chains

that cut into my skin.

Today, I shut off the world,

Scared at first, liberated the second.

Today, I forget the mean lady

that stares from the mirror

Ever so tired. ever so melancholy.

Today, the child has run out,

Today, I feel a little playful.

Maybe just for today.


Copyright (c) Sneha P [Rights Reserved]



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