Lost Light


The warmth of your hands, Forever imprinted in my mind.

I still feel it,
The warmth of your embrace
the pleasant smile
On your kind lips.
The light dancing
In your concerned eyes.
The way you held my hand
When I was falling and falling.
The way you promised
To be by my side,
Forever. A lie perhaps.
Cold winter nights with you
Weren’t as bad as
warm sunny days are without you.
The guiding light
In my stormy days.
My guardian angel,
My omniscient friend.
The first words on my lips
Will perhaps be my last
Even though you left me
Midway, stranded, alone.
Even as you lay
On the destiny’s final bed,
Your eyes searched
for mine.
Your lips muttered only
The kindest words,
the wisest advice
And the sweetest prayers.
The pain you were in, 
Had no impact on your
Eternal beauty, heart and soul.
The pain in my heart,
Once burning hot,
Now a dull deep ache
That’s part of my soul
Forever to stay.
One day when I lay
Where you once did,
My lips shall mutter,
Mother, once again. 
For I shall see you
In heaven again.


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