You cannot trap the darkness


Crackling sparks of blue light,
Darkness, that doesn’t wish
to see the light.
Bleeding within, wounds so deep,
the heart couldn’t stand
to witness them as a human.
So he wretched it out,
to stop the pain,
to become more.
To become the speed,
to finally outrun
the horrors of his past.
He became a monster,
to escape his demons.
He doesn’t want to be a hero,
he never liked the word.
For him, one world was never enough,
Because the speed gave him a rush,
to watch the universe
crumble to dust, as he tore it apart.
Since once, the universe
had done the same to him.
Payback, he whispered
as his voice roared across the galaxy.
To become a villain,
he gave up his soul,
his heart though, belonged to one,
who wouldn’t take it.
He wanted her to stay,
she saw the light, that once was.
But he couldn’t stop the apocalypse,
He couldn’t if he wanted to.
For he said rightly,
Darkness, my dear, can never be trapped.

PS –  Maybe fans of the show, will understand who is the poem about!
Leave a comment if you do get it 😅

Copyright  (c) 2016 Sneha Pathak
[Rights Reserved ]


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