Something inside

Broken bones can be fixed
The pain that they bring
Will one day fade away.
But the sharp pang,
Of the red hot iron rod
That has been jammed
Into your fragile heart
For a long time now
That won’t stop stinging.
The lump in your throat
Has been there a long time.
A part of your body
Perhaps. Perhaps forever.
The stream of wetness
Down your cheek, suddenly
Doesn’t  surprise you anymore.
The melancholy beating
Of your bruised and broken heart
Is the only companion
You’ve hard from the start.
The loneliness doesn’t scream
Not anymore, not always.
Something inside you,
Keeps clawing out
Drags you into darkness
You are never to be found.
You try to smile a bit,
but how long will it last?
You wonder why you,
Can’t have a fresh start.
And you try and try,
To fix the brokenness
To breathe, without a heaviness
Weighing upon your chest.
You wait eternally for something
To piece it back together.
To clean up your emotional mess,
Little do you know
For some, the universe never makes sense.


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