Mother’s Day

So it is mother’s day, and one would think that today would be all about making the person who is supposed to be celebrated today, feel special, by pampering them and showing them our love. Which is what we should be doing, ideally, but are we?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to generalise people and their behavior, I merely speak about whatever I see around me.

Mother’s day morning brings with it a wave of pictures, collages, quotes and customary “Love you Mom!” captions across social media platforms. Which is great, I mean how special would you feel if someone took the effort of editing so many pictures to make you nostalgic and reminisce about how time flies by? Awesome right?

Except, this is what I have seen happening.

Mother : John, come down for breakfast. I can’t reheat it again!

John : (screams from his room) Fine, I’ll be there. Two minutes, let me post this awesome Mothers Day, collage on Instagram.

Mother : Show me the collage! What is this instagram thing? Everyone at work talks about it. Tell me more.

John : (While diligently writing cheesy captions) Forget it mom. It’s not really your thing. You’ve seen these pictures before.


So what is the point? Perhaps, making yourself feel like a good son/daughter. Or just showing people that you DO in fact love your parents, I mean God forbid you don’t upload a picture, they might think you don’t love them anymore! 

Another scenario, say the mothers do in fact use social media and are very happy to see the effort you put in. Yay. But what next? She sees the picture with the adorable caption and then goes in the kitchen to fix you some breakfast, do your laundry or perhaps clean the house? How very nice indeed.

Okay best case scenario, you are indeed a great child and go ahead to make her feel like the luckiest lady in the whole wide world today, what next? It’s the same day for her tomorrow all over again. Working all day everyday only to come back home to work another full-time job, that of handling the household. Now by this I don’t mean just everyday chores, I think people forget that being a Mother is not just about the physical effort it takes to handle a house, it’s the mental stamina needed too. To be level-headed, stable and emotionally strong all the day. Exhausting right?

I know that me writing long preaching blog posts is not really making a difference to how the society thinks as a whole (believe me, I’d love it, if it were true. Haha) however I am confident in saying that today let’s not see our mothers as super humans who can magically fix things, instead let’s look at them as a human being. A person who feels pain, sorrow, exhaustion, anger, love just the way we do. Someone who at times just needs someone to see the person inside her that is not just a mother.

So instead of just one day of celebrating the super power of Moms let’s make it a point to be their sidekick perhaps. Someone they can turn to. Someone who is always there with them, for them, just as they have been there for us.


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