Idea of Love

Often we fall in love with the person we imagine someone can be, a possibility. 
In a way we fall in love with our imagination of someone. The character we want them to be. More considerate, more outgoing, more expressive maybe. We fall in love with the perfect story we want for ourselves.
Sadly, people aren’t designed to play a part in your story. Often,  the people that come into your life shape your story, they make it unique, different from everybody else’s.
Other wise we’d all be stuck with Prince Charmings and Perfect Princesses.
Wouldn’t that be a tad boring?
I mean not every girl is a damsel in distress. Not everyone wants to be saved by someone.
Sometimes, people just want someone to stand by their side in the journey of self discovery.
Not everyone sings and dances with birds and animals (as often princesses are portrayed to be). Nor does everyone have a sweet loving nature.
People are imperfect, that’s what makes them special.
People are filled with passion, a little madness, a little extra temper sometimes. They can be a little naive, a little persnickety, a little cold at times.
But if we were all perfect, we’d be easily replaceable. 
So if you can’t accept someone for who they are but want them to change because you see a world of possibilities with a changed version of them, I don’t think that is love.
Love is when you’ve seen what they can be, the good and the ugly, what they can and cannot give you and you still look at them the same way.
Love is when you know their flaws but you know how to handle them. Love when you miss those little things that annoy you at times. Love is when you know no one else can make you feel the way they do.
Love is when you can be anywhere but you’d rather be with them.

Copyright ( c ) Sneha P [ Rights Reserved ]


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