World Poetry Day!

Hello there reader!

I think it is a sort of mandate that I write a post on the occasion of World Poetry Day (21st March,2016) as decalred by UNESCO.

Firstly, let me take this opportunity to just say a big thanks to all the poets out there  for putting their beautiful, chaotic, dark, real, grumpy, melancholy thoughts into the magic that is poetry. For exposing their deepest thoughts, ones they wouldn’t say outloud. The world would be lost without you. Seriously. Want to know why?

Well in my opinion if you manage to save just one person today, if you manage to make one person go – “Hey, I didn’t know someone else had similar thoughts!” or “So glad to know that I am not the only one who feels this way!” you are in a way helping the lost ones, one person at a time.

There might be days when you might wonder if anyone is even reading these ramblings that go inside your head (I do too! Err, I hope Someone is reading this). There might be moments when you feel too hurt to write, because writing about it, only hurts more on some days. It makes you feel that emotion you have been dodging, feel deeply.  But write anyways, I know I do.


I think that’s what poetry is to a poet.

Because, somewhere someone might be awake at 2am in the night, scrolling, surfing, searching for something that helps, something that will make them feel anything, or something that they feel but cannot articulate. And when they stumble across your random musings or carefully crafted verses, they might just find what they were looking for. The feeling that they couldn’t describe is suddenly manifested, articulated and their emotions dissected (in a good way) and YOU are the reason why.

Also, write because the world doesn’t make sense without it. How else do you cope with this world? Write because it hruts, write because it doesn’t anymore. Write because the world will change a bit with every word your pen spills.

I have read this quote in a children’s book called The little prince by Antoine de Saint- Exupery  and it has stuck with me since.

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”


And I feel that poetry is language that the heart speaks. The language that manages to transport you into a world where words are magic. They can soothe your soul, calm your nerves or break your heart into pieces and still leave you wanting more.

Now there might be people out there like me, who dont know the first thing about what an  iambic pentameter is, but still manage to touch hearts.

Poetry is anything that speaks to the heart and flows from the heart. Here’s wishing every poet and reader a Happy World Poetry Day!

I’ll end with a quote that I happened to read today,

“The poet’s eye, in a fine frenzy rolling, doth glance from heaven to Earth, from Earth to heaven; and as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen turns them to shape, and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name; such tricks hath strong imagination.”


PS – Your poet friends might not make sense at times, their mind being the beautiful chaotic mess it is, but hang on to them. They may feel a little too deeply at times, the vehmence of their emotions may scare you but remember, its a part of who they are. It is what makes them such a wonderful friend, they feel a little too much. ( But hey, who defines too much after all?)


4 thoughts on “World Poetry Day!

  1. gautamdblog says:


    Absolutely Spot on!

    There might be days when you might wonder if anyone is even reading these ramblings that go inside your head. There might be moments when you feel too hurt to write, because writing about it, only hurts more on some days.

    You’ve summed up exactly what has been going through my mind. I find myself wanting to writing about the most trivial of topics and when I set myself up for it, one feels what’s the point of writing something no one will read, let alone appreciate.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chandan Sinha says:

    I don’t care how I stumbled upon this old (a bit) of yours but I’m glad that I did and got to know about ‘iambic pentameter’ 🙂 I’ve come across them numerous times but I didn’t think about the literary terminology attributed to them.

    I’m sure now you know a lot about these literary terms through your journey of writing such beautiful poems 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sneha says:

      I’m glad you stumbled upon my post. Haha, to be honest I never really got around to reading about the iambic pentameter, I like to think I will someday.. soon. Thank you for reading and appreciating my poems 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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